What’s Kickin’ on Kickstarter?

Brian Shabbott
May 19, 2017


Two of the games from last time have since cancelled their campaigns early, and one looks like it will not make its goal. This is all part of the Kickstarter atmosphere. Somethings will fail, even when they have the potential of being great. A game can market itself, but sometimes some promotion can go a long way in making a campaign a success. All we can do is move forward, and look at the next game to back and hope it makes it.


My Top 4 Games of the Last Two Weeks

The Flow of History

The Flow of History released overseas in 2016, and this Kickstarter campaign is looking to provide a wider release for the game. This is a civilization-building card game played across five ages, where players bid to obtain upgrades to their civilizations and advance them to post-Modern times. The game has been updated to include two player mechanics now, of which I am particularly fond. The game has already met its goal, and with no wonder: $29 gets you the upgraded game, all stretch goals, and metal coins.

    Ends Saturday, June 10th


Frutti di Mare

Every once in a while it’s good to unwind with a nice meal and a light, humorous game. In the case of Frutti di Mare the meal is the game. Players control an army of seafood that vies for control of the pasta-plate board. Eliminate your opponents or control the center of the dish to claim victory. It’s a cute, funny premise, and sometimes that’s all you need to drop $28 (plus another $15 shipping – it’s coming from Europe) on a game.

    Ends Tuesday, June 6th


12 Realms: Dungeonland

Dungeonland is reminiscent of the grindy old-school RPGs I used to play in the 90s, with a fairytale twist. Play solo or as a team of four to explore the board and battle the forces of evil that dwell within. The miniatures look great, and there are plenty more to unlock with stretch goals. It’s not for everybody, but if you like slugging your way through a monster-filled dungeon, this may be for you. It’s a steep price-tag, and that may be the one deterrent. Miniatures tend to run higher in price, but I’m not sure all the components can account for the $90 it will cost you to pick up the game.

    Ends Monday, June 5th


Rise of the Necromancers

It’s an age-old tale: fledgling necromancer travels the countryside, builds his repertoire, and becomes a force to be reckoned with. Rise of the Necromancers captures that essence. Area movement and control mechanics allow players to maneuver their necromancers from apprentice to master, while amassing a number of upgrades to depose their contemporaries. The map screams of medieval fantasy, and $59 puts it at the standard rate for comparable games.

    Ends Wednesday, June 14th


Ending Soon, Not Yet Funded


    Ends Thursday, May 25th

      84% funded

Gamboni has had two failed Kickstarter campaigns in the last two years, but this time around it seems like it’s got the right stuff. I’ve always thought the area control game mechanic was tailor-made for the mafia theme. Rival families with control over specific districts, working to expand the influence and take over the entire city… a match made in heaven. The fast-paced nature of this game as it plays over money, power, and respect phases really makes this game stand out. I’d prefer to see miniatures over cardboard standees, but that may become available with stretch goals. $39 will secure this game for you, but there’s less than a week left so act fast.