What's Kickin' on Kickstarter 7/3

Brian Shabbott
July 03, 2017

Game Backed in June 2017

Rabbit Island

    I am a big fan of tile placement games in their many forms, so this game really stood out to me, and ultimately I had to back it. The art is pretty classic for the genre. The theme and mechanics of path creation, movement, and civilization building all look to provide for an entertaining game. And due to the modular nature of tile placement games, no two play-throughs will ever be alike. Carcassonne is one of my favorite games, and Rabbit Island capitalizes on some of those gameplay mechanics, while adding increased complexity and strategy. If this sounds like something you’d enjoy, there are still two weeks left and the game is 75% funded, so check out.

My Top 4 Games of the Last Two Weeks

Story Stacks

    As a writer, I have a certain predisposition to storytelling. Story Stacks combines stories of adventure typical of RPGs with the card-driven mechanics of party games to provide a centralized framework controlled by the cards, but otherwise malleable to the players’ imaginations. Each game will have a narrator, serving in the GM role. Cards will determine the setting, goal, and various plot-points to hit along the way. Players will play action cards to achieve their goals, but otherwise narrative can be expanded on based on the group’s desires. A straight play-through with basic interactions and conflict resolution can be done. At the same time, games can consist of an in-depth story full of world building, character development, and moral examination. If you like to immerse yourself in your games, and allow character interaction to reflect your own personality and imagination, this may be a game for you.

    Basic backing level: $30

    U.S. Shipping: Free

    28% funded

    Ends Monday, July 31st

Big Bang 13.7

    Again, tile placement games are my thing, and this one brings a unique concept to the table. In Big Bang 13.7, players take part in crafting the universe, from the initial explosion outward of a central particle to the vast expanse of space we now know. Each tile consists of a celestial body with a particular color and background. New tiles must be attached to at least two other tiles, and share at least one commonality with its adjacent pieces. Black holes, supernovas, and wormholes provide opportunities to mix up the action. This fun, conceptual game also introduces time track mechanics to really help further the theme of the formation of the universe over billions of years. It is still early, but this game is my current frontrunner for my July pick.

    Basic backing level: $25

    U.S. Shipping: $10

    111% funded

    Ends Thursday, July 27th

The Stonebound Saga

    This one strikes me as a miniatures wargame without the miniatures, and with room for up to six-players (which is often unaccommodated in such games). Characters are represented by cards, and traverse the map en route to battle their opponents. There are various characters and classes to choose from, each with unique stats and abilities. Resource cards, called Speaking Stones, are spent for abilities, and dice resolves some abilities and combat. What stands out most about this game, however, is the beautiful artwork. It may be the most aesthetically-pleasing gaming I’ve seen in quite some time.

    Basic backing level: $39

    U.S. Shipping: $10

    90% funded

    Ends Friday, July 28th

Housing Crisis

    There’s something to be said for “filler” games – games you can play in a short time period. Housing Crisis is one such abstract game that only takes a few minutes to play. In the game, players are realtors tasked with filling various housing plots. Each plot has an ideal number of occupants, split across multiple sections of the unit. Players will place lodgers in one section at a time, and scoring is granted to the player who completes each plot. Positive and negative points can be awarded based upon over-filling, under-filling, or perfectly-filling plots, with favor granted to monopolies (plots controlled entirely by one player) over mixed plots. This two-player game provides a fun and fast gaming experience that is not to be overlooked.

    Basic backing level: $20

    U.S. Shipping: $8

    28% funded

    Ends Friday, July 21st