Stu Somers
June 14, 2017
Welcome to my weekly comic book oriented article here at Flipside Gaming. Last week we saw Gamora go into some dark places and a rivalry has old as time renewed with Peter Parker and Norman Osborn. This week Deadpool enters the Secret Empire and Ultron makes his mark on the world while holding one of the most dangerous pieces of tech in the universe. This week we see Dr. Doom join the Avengers and Spider-Man has a long awaited battle with Green Goblin. Excelsior!




All-New Guardians of the Galaxy #3:


This issue started out a bit slow, but once the story shifted to Gamora it picked up considerably. While this does cause more questions than produces answers, I can see readers tuning in constantly to follow this path they are being lead down. I do not mention artwork very often, but I have to say that this book has some of my favorite panels in recent memory. The story and artwork match almost flawlessly and that is a recipe for something very special.


Amazing Spider-Man #28:

In a time when Marvel is not so subtly pushing their characters back to the classic status quo’s, a battle between Norman Osborne and Spider-man is as old school as it gets. Seeing Peter go all out, take a beating and continue to get up to defy the man that has caused him so much grief over the years is a great look. SHEILD backing out of their contract with Parker Industries leads me to believe that Peter will not have his company much longer and the Baxter Building will be vacant soon. If only some old tenants would return to take up residences again.


Iceman #1:



One of the bigger shake ups recently when it comes to diversity in comics is Iceman coming to terms with his sexuality. Since being gay is a defining characteristic for Bobby now, it is given a big spotlight in terms of character development. X-Men have always been portrayed as being targeted by outside groups of hate and the gay community can relate to that. The fact that they included the younger Bobby Drake as a support character leads to a great dynamic that was very interesting to see.


Spider-Man/Deadpool #18



If Cable and Deadpool gave Deadpool a giant growth-spurt when it comes to being a fully fleshed out character, than Spider-Man/Deadpool did that again. Seeing Deadpool fight for Spider-Man’s literal soul and Mephisto looming in the background gave this book a sense of urgency. And as ridiculous as a character Itsy-Bitsy was, she pushed both of them to their limits. Also, any time there is a joke about a book’s place in continuity means that it will get a solid laugh out of me and in the end, that is what this book set out to do and it succeeded.


Deadpool #32



Deadpool is shaping up to be a key character in Secret Empire. I am not sure he has had so much growth that he is going to blindly just follow Hydra even though he worships Captain America. I have a feeling that Deadpool will have an interesting arc at the end of this, especially when he crosses path with the other Steve Rogers that appeared.


Captain America: Sam Wilson #23



Last we saw of Sam Wilson, he was helping sneak Mutants and Inhumans across the border into Canada to protect them from Hydra. It was only a matter of time before Sam found himself back in the battle and taking it to Hydra. Obviously he will not be Captain America in this battle, but it might not be a return to the Falcon either. There has been a glaring hole in recent weeks that needs to be filled by a true Patriot.


Old Man Logan #25


The Hulk clan has long caused problems for Old Man Logan and it looks like the Hulk of the future is finally making his presences known. Maestro is far too smart to have gone down with Doomworld so it was only a matter of time before he reappeared. This should be one of those old school Wolverine-Hulk battles that is going to have some great call backs, much like the rest of Marvel’s line.

Secret Empire #4


The race for the missing cosmic cube fragments is on. It looks like we will finally see some of heroes take shots at Captain America while tracking them down. Ultron has one of these pieces so there might be a short term team up but it will be the battle after Ultron that is going to steal the show.


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