Stu Somers
June 07, 2017

Welcome to my weekly comic book oriented article here at Flipside Gaming.  Last week we saw Cable take a quantum leap and Deadpool has entered the Secret Empire This week we see Dr. Doom join the Avengers and Spider-Man has a long awaited battle with Green Goblin. Excelsior!



Cable #1



This was a cool introduction to a new Cable series. Jumping through time, righting what once went wrong, hoping the next leap is the next leap home (bonus points for reference). There is not a lot of the plot to gleam from this issue other than him trying to find some weapons that clearly don’t belong in the past and avenging those that have been wronged by them. I think we might see this tie back to his Avengers run and his mind reset so I am excited for this series.


Deadpool #31

Deadpool has been made into a very complex character in the past few years. This will be the climax of that development. His blind loyalty to Captain America leads him to chase down Phil Coulson and try to eliminate him. This goes back to the issue where Phil discovered that Captain America was up to no good. I still think they didn’t kill off Phil but Deadpool’s mindset afterwards will be great drama.


Secret Empire #3



This issue ups the stakes even more. Black Widow runs into Maria Hill and Captain America takes on Atlantis. I expect Namor to play a big role soon with the attack on Atlantean temples. The big moment came when The Punisher showed up to confront Boomerang. A lunatic like that running around with Hydra will lead to an explosive confrontation eventually. Well, it is to be seen whether his confrontation is with the heroes or Hydra at the end.


Thanos #7



The first half of the book starts off with not a word being spoken as Thanos tries to survive on Titan, hunting, sleeping, and struggling to keep a fire going. It is weird place to see someone has powerful as Thanos. Even something like a cut to his arm has dire consequences for him. It is not until a couple of scavengers find him and beat him (!) that we sense how far he has really fallen. I almost wished this book had been silent the whole through until the last page, but it was still a great issue. 



Amazing Spider-Man #28



It has been a long time since we have seen Spider-Man and Green Goblin throw down. This is another subtle wink to Marvel getting back to basics when it comes to its characters. There are fewer hardcore rivalries than Goblin and Spider-Man so this should be a confrontation to remember. That should more than enough make up for the price of admission for this book.


Avengers #8



Getting to see Dr. Doom interact with the Avengers last issue was a delight. Doom and Wasp instantly hit it off and I expect to see more of that this week. While the other members have their doubts, Dr. Doom was very helpful taking care of the evil little munchkins at Sue Storm’s summer camp. I think the team-up could go either way but I hope it goes through because every time he interacts with another hero, the sheer disbelief is a delight to see.


Spider-Man/Deadpool #18



This is the end of the current run and the tagline is teasing the end of their friendship. Now, I don’t believe that will happen for a second but the end of the last book featured the 2 heroes about to go at it over what to do with Itsy-Bitsy (that is really a character’s name in 2017?!). I am not sure if this will have any impact on Secret Empire but I expect a lot of emotion to come out of this book, especially from the Deadpool side of things.



X-Men Gold #5



Every time there is a “reboot” of the X-men line, a new version of the Sentinel has been seen. While we already saw a “mutant-friendly” version in X-men Blue, this is the first time we are going to see them in X-Men Gold. This book has really been pushing the old-style of X-men story telling by focusing on the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants and now the Sentinels. I am really happy they are doing this and pushing the X-men to the forefront again.


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 -Stu Somers

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