Legacy Elite Event 6/5

June 06, 2016
Colorless EldraziKevin Hamel1st Place Endless One Eldrazi Mimic Endbringer Thought-knot Seer Reality Smasher Matter Reshaper Wasteland Eye of UginMishra's FactoryAncient TombCity of TraitorsCavern of SoulsEldrazi Temple Chalice of the Void Dismember Thorn of AmethystUmezawa's Jitte Leyline of the Void Spatial Contortion Ratchet Bomb Phyrexian Metamorph Warping WailPithing Needle Merfolk Connor Bryant2nd Place True-Name Nemesis Cursecatcher Phantasmal Image Harbinger of the Tides Silvergill Adept Lord of AtlantisMaster of the Pearl Trident Island Cavern of Souls Mutavault Mishra's Factory Aether Vial Force of Will Chalice of the Void Misdirection Umezawa's Jitte Pithing Needle Dismember Umezawa's Jitte Grafdigger's Cage Submerge Tidebinder MageHarbinger of the TidesFlusterstormBack to BasicsSpreading Seas Dragon StompyGary McClelland3rd Place Simian Spirit Guide Magus of the Moon Goblin Rabblemaster Thunderbreak Regent Avaricious Dragon Rakdos Pit DragonArc Slogger Lodestone Golem MountainAncient Tomb City of Traitors Chrome Mox Chalice of the Void Blood Moon Umezawa's JitteChandra, PyromasterKoth of the Hammer Stormbreath Dragon BoilTrinisphere Red Elemental Blast Smash to Smithereens Shatterstorm Graffdigger's Cage DredgePete Repp4th Place Golgari Grave-Troll Stinkweed Imp Golgari Thug Ichorid Putrid Imp NarcomoebaFlame-kin Zealot Street Wraith Cephalid Coliseum Mana Confluence Gemstone Mine Lion's Eye Diamond Cabal Therapy Faithless Looting Careful Study Bridge from BelowDread ReturnBreakthrough City of Brass Firestorm Nature's Claim Ancient Grudge Ray of Revelation Faerie MacabreStreet Wraith Flayer of the HateboundAshen RiderIona, Shield of Emeria MiraclesMax Jones5th Place Monastery MentorVendilion Clique Snapcaster Mage Flooded Strand Scalding Tarn Arid MesaMountainPlains Volcanic Island Island Tundra PredictCounterspellTerminus Swords to PlowsharesJace, the Mind SculptorCounterbalanceForce of WillPonderBrainstormSensei's Divining Top Pyroblast Vendilion Clique Wear // TearFlusterstormSurgical Extraction Red Elemental Blast Entreat the AngelsSnapcaster MagePredict Grixis DelverGreg Cresci6th Place Deathrite Shaman Young PyromancerDelver of SecretsGurmag Angler True-Name Nemesis Polluted Delta Misty Rainforest Tropical Island Volcanic Island Underground Sea Wasteland Lightning BoltDazeGitaxian ProbeCabal TherapyForked BoltSpell PierceForce of WillPonderBrainstorm Pyroblast Murderous Cut Surgical Extraction Baleful Strix Cabal Therapy Pithing Needle Grafdigger's Cage Flusterstorm DisfigurePainful TruthsAncient GrudgeInvasive Surgery InfectStephen Hefferle7th Place Glistener Elf Blighted Agent Noble Hierarch Inkmoth Nexus Tropical Island Pendelhaven Windswept Heath Wooded FoothillsForestWasteland Flusterstorm Gitaxian Probe Crop Rotation Sylvan Library Berserk InvigorateVines of the VastwoodBecome ImmenseForce of WillBrainstorm Daze Spell Pierce Invasive Surgery Null Rod Force of Will WastelandTeferi's Response Necropede Submerge Krosan Grip Surgical Extraction FlusterstormViridian Corrupter ElvesErik Burger8th Place Deathrite Shaman Elvish VisionaryQuirion RangerHeritage DruidNettle SentinelWirewood SymbioteBirchlore RangersCraterhoof BehemothReclamation SageWren's Run PackmasterLlanowar ElvesShaman of the PackScavenging Ooze Bayou Forest Dryad Arbor Gaea's Cradle Wooded FoothillsWindswept HeathPendelhavenCavern of SoulsSavannah Green Sun's Zenith Sylvan Library Crop RotationGlimpse of Nature Abrupt Decay Thoughtseize Cabal Therapy Krosan GripSurgical Extraction Pithing NeedleNull Rod Choke

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