Legacy Elite Event 1/9

January 11, 2016
Ad Nauseam TendrilsEthan Formichella1st Place Island Swamp Flooded Strand Volcanic Island Polluted Delta Underground Sea Tropical Island Ponder Preordain Brainstorm Gitaxian Probe DuressCabal TherapyDark RitualCabal RitualLotus PetalLion's Eye DiamondInfernal TutorTendrils of AgonyAd NauseamPast in FlamesDark Petition Abrupt Decay Xantid Swarm Dark Confidant Carpet of Flowers Chain of Vapor Disfigure Empty the Warrens Rebuild Goblin CharbelcherMark Morrison2nd Place Simian Spirit GuideTinder WallElvish Spirit Guide Taiga Gitaxian Probe Seething SongRite of FlameDesperate RitualBurning WishLotus PetalLion's Eye DiamondEmpty the WarrensPyretic RitualLand GrantGoblin CharbelcherChrome Mox Carpet of Flowers Xantid Swarm Reverent Silence Infernal Tutor Bribery Telemin Preformance Empty the Warrens GrapeshotDiminishing Returns Sneak and ShowScott Collett3rd Place Griselbrand Emrakul, the Aeons Torn Simian Spirit Guide Polluted Delta Misty Rainforest Scalding TarnFlooded Strand Mountain Volcanic Island Island City of TraitorsAncient Tomb Lotus PetalSpell PierceMisdirectionPreordain Show and Tell Sneak AttackForce of WillPonderBrainstorm Boseiju, Who Shelters All Grafdigger's Cage Blood Moon Omniscience Flusterstorm Red Elemental Blast Sudden Shock Wipe Away Through the BreachPyroclasm Merfolk Connor Bryant4th Place True-Name Nemesis Cursecatcher Phantasmal Image Harbinger of the Tides Silvergill Adept Lord of AtlantisMaster of the Pearl Trident Island Cavern of Souls Mutavault Mishra's Factory Aether Vial Force of Will Chalice of the Void Misdirection Umezawa's Jitte Pithing Needle Dismember Umezawa's Jitte Grafdigger's Cage Submerge Tidebinder MageHarbinger of the TidesFlusterstormBack to Basics MaverickThomas Gullo5th Place Mother of Runes Thalia, Guardian of Thraben Stoneforge Mystic Knight of the Reliquary Qasali Pridemage Gaddock TeegDeathrite ShamanNoble HierarchSigarda, Host of HeronsScavenging OozeCourser of Kruphix Savannah Bayou Windswept Heath Verdant Catacombs Plains ForestWasteland ScrublandGaea's CradleCavern of SoulsKarakasDryad ArborBojuka Bog Swords to Plowshares Green Sun's Zenith Umezawa's Jitte Sword of Fire and IceSylvan LibrarySword of Light and Shadow Abrupt Decay Zealous Persecution Thoughtseize Choke Ethersworn Canonist Qasali Pridemage Gaddock TeegCouncil's Judgement 4 Color DelverPat Foote6th Place Deathrite Shaman Young PyromancerDelver of SecretsGurmag Angler Polluted Delta Misty Rainforest Bloodstained Mire Tropical Island Volcanic Island Underground Sea Wasteland Lightning BoltDazeStifleGitaxian ProbeForce of WillPonderBrainstorm Pyroblast Misdirection Surgical Extraction Abrupt Decay Cabal Therapy Pithing Needle Grafdigger's Cage Submerge Grim LavamancerMassacre ElvesErik Burger7th Place Deathrite Shaman Elvish VisionaryQuirion RangerHeritage DruidNettle SentinelWirewood SymbioteBirchlore RangerCraterhoof BehemothReclamation SageWren's Run Packmaster Bayou Forest Dryad Arbor Gaea's Cradle Wooded FoothillsWindswept HeathPendelhavenCavern of Souls Green Sun's Zenith Natural Order Glimpse of Nature Abrupt Decay Thoughtseize Cabal Therapy Krosan GripSurgical Extraction Pithing NeedleScavenging OozeChoke Punishing JundJosh Peragine8th Place Dark Confidant Deathrite Shaman Tarmogoyf Bloodbraid ElfGoblin Rabblemaster Grove of the Burnwillows Wasteland Verdant Catacombs Bloodstained Mire Swamp BadlandsBayouForestWooded Foothills Thoughtseize Liliana of the Veil Lightning Bolt Abrupt Decay Punishing Fire Kolaghan's CommandSylvan Library Hymn to Tourach Life from the Loam Umezawa's Jitte Duress Grafdigger's Cage Pyroblast Red Elemental Blast Golgari Charm Surgical ExtractionPainful TruthsAncient GrudgeEngineered PlagueFeed the Clan

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