Eternal Extravaganza 5 Trial 8/20

August 23, 2016
LandsJason Seaman1st Place Wasteland Dark DepthsGlacial ChasmRiftstone PortalRishadan Port Grove of the BurnwillowsTaigaForestWooded Foothills Verdant Catacombs Misty Rainforest Thespian's StageThe Tabernacle at Pendrell ValeMaze of IthTranquil ThicketBojuka Bog ExplorationManabondCrop RotationLife from the Loam Punishing FireGambleMox Diamond Chalice of the Void Boseiju, Who Shelters All Krosan GripPithing NeedleTireless Tracker Sphere of Resistance Imperial TaxesStephen Hefferle2nd Place Mother of Runes Thalia, Guardian of Thraben Stoneforge Mystic Flickerwisp Phyrexian Revoker Magus of the MoonImperial RecruiterThalia, Heretic CatharMirran CrusaderPia and Kiran Nalaar Marsh Flats Plateau Arid Mesa Flooded Strand Plains Cavern of SoulsWasteland Rishadan PortKarakas Swords to Plowshares Aether Vial Umezawa's Jitte Batterskull Sword of Fire and Ice Sudden Demise Grafdigger's Cage Rest in Peace Absolute Law Ethersworn Canonist Containment Priest Council's JudgmentMirran CrusaderSword of War and PeaceGideon, Ally of Zendikar Dark Depths ComboJosh Tomlin3rd Place Vampire HexmageElvish Spirit Guide Bayou Dark DepthsBojuka BogGhost QuarterSejiri Steppe Snow-Covered ForestSnow-Covered SwampVerdant Catacombs Thespian's StageUrborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth DuressInquisition of KozilekCrop RotationInto the North Lotus PetalNot of this WorldPithing NeedleSteely ResolveSylvan ScryingThoughtseize Chalice of the Void Karakas Maze of IthAbrupt DecayCrucible of Worlds Sphere of Resistance Surgical Extraction MiraclesJonathon Celso1st Place Monastery Mentor Snapcaster Mage Flooded Strand Scalding Tarn Arid MesaPlains Volcanic Island Island Tundra Engineered ExplosivesCounterspellTerminus Swords to PlowsharesCounterbalanceForce of WillPonderBrainstormSensei's Divining TopPreordain Pyroblast Vendilion Clique Wear // TearFlusterstormSurgical Extraction Blood Moon Entreat the Angels Mountain MaverickGabe Heitker5th Place Mother of Runes Thalia, Guardian of Thraben Stoneforge Mystic Knight of the Reliquary Qasali Pridemage Gaddock TeegDeathrite ShamanThalia,Heretic CatharScavenging OozeEthersworn Canonist Savannah Bayou Windswept Heath Verdant Catacombs Plains ForestWasteland ScrublandGaea's CradleCavern of SoulsKarakasDryad ArborHorizon Canopy Swords to Plowshares Green Sun's Zenith Umezawa's Jitte Council's JudgmentSword of Fire and IceSylvan LibrarySword of Light and Shadow Abrupt Decay Containment Priest Thoughtseize Choke Ethersworn Canonist Tormod's Crypt Krosan GripCouncil's Judgment ElvesScott Carl6th Place Deathrite Shaman Elvish VisionaryQuirion RangerHeritage DruidNettle SentinelWirewood SymbioteBirchlore RangersCraterhoof BehemothReclamation SageLlanowar Elves Bayou Forest Dryad Arbor Gaea's Cradle Wooded FoothillsWindswept HeathTaigaCavern of Souls Green Sun's Zenith Natural Order Glimpse of Nature Abrupt Decay Thoughtseize Cabal Therapy Scavenging OozeRuric Thar, the Unbowed Nihil SpellbombSylvan LibraryPithing NeedleNull Rod Ad Nauseam TendrilsPhil Stroud7th Place Island Swamp Flooded Strand Volcanic Island Polluted Delta Underground Sea Tropical Island Ponder Preordain Brainstorm Gitaxian Probe DuressCabal TherapyDark RitualCabal RitualLotus PetalLion's Eye DiamondInfernal TutorTendrils of AgonyAd NauseamPast in FlamesDark Petition Abrupt Decay Xantid Swarm City of Solitude Rain of Filth Hurkyl's Recall Disfigure Empty the Warrens Tendrils of AgonyEchoing Truth EnchantressKevin Stewart8th Place Emrakul, the Aeons Torn Eidolon of Blossoms Doomwake Giant Argothian Enchantress Savannah Bayou Windswept Heath Wooded Foothills Serra's Sanctum ForestPlains Dryad ArborKarakas Oblivion Ring Green Sun's Zenith Elephant Grass Utopia SprawlWild GrowthMirri's GuileHelm of ObedienceSterling GroveSolitary ConfinementEnchantress's PresenceRest in PeaceExplorationSeal of PrimordiumSphere of Safety Aura of Silence Leyline of Sanctity Choke Gaddock Teeg Dread of Night Stony SilenceDoomwake Giant Karmic JusticeNevermoreIllness in the RanksCity of Solitude

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