Legacy Elite Event 11/6

November 08, 2016
Grixis DelverNate Barton1st Place Deathrite Shaman Young PyromancerDelver of SecretsGurmag Angler Vendilion Clique Polluted Delta Misty Rainforest Flooded StrandScalding TarnTropical Island Volcanic Island Underground Sea Wasteland Lightning BoltDazeGitaxian ProbeCabal TherapyDismemberSpell PierceForce of WillPonderBrainstorm Pyroblast Winter Orb Surgical Extraction Baleful Strix Cabal Therapy Pithing Needle Forked Bolt Flusterstorm Izzet StaticasterPainful TruthsSulfuric VortexAncient GrudgeEngineered Explosives ElvesErik Burger2nd Place Deathrite Shaman Elvish VisionaryQuirion RangerHeritage DruidNettle SentinelWirewood SymbioteBirchlore RangersCraterhoof BehemothReclamation SageWren's Run PackmasterLlanowar ElvesShaman of the PackScavenging Ooze Bayou Forest Dryad Arbor Gaea's Cradle Wooded FoothillsWindswept HeathPendelhavenCavern of Souls Green Sun's Zenith Sylvan Library Umezawa's JitteGlimpse of Nature Abrupt Decay Thoughtseize Cabal Therapy Krosan GripSurgical Extraction Pithing NeedleGaddock Teeg Garruk Relentless RUG DelverRob North3rd Place Nimble Mongoose TarmogoyfDelver of Secrets Misty RainforestScalding TarnTropical Island Volcanic Island Wasteland Lightning BoltDazeStifleSpell SnareDismemberSpell PierceCounterspellForked BoltForce of WillPonderBrainstorm Pyroblast Winter Orb Surgical Extraction True-Name Nemesis Rough // Tumble Seal of Fire Submerge Engineered Explosives Red Elemental BlastSpell PierceAncient Grudge Manaless DredgeDemian Steltz4th Place Golgari Grave-Troll Stinkweed Imp Golgari Thug Ichorid Nether Shadow NarcomoebaFlame-kin Zealot Street Wraith Balustrade SpyPhantasmagorian Prized Amalgam Shambling ShellFlayer of the Hatebound Cabal Therapy Bridge from BelowDread ReturnGitaxian Probe Sickening Shoal Mindbreak Trap Contagion Chancellor of the Annex BUG LandstillKevin Hamel5th Place Snapcaster Mage Polluted Delta Misty Rainforest Mishra's FactoryCreeping Tar PitTropical Island Bayou Underground Sea Wasteland Innocent BloodPernicious DeedCounterspellAbrupt DecayMaelstrom PulseLife from the LoamForce of WillPonderBrainstormStandstillNight of Souls' BetrayalLiliana of the VeilJace, the Mind Sculptor Surgical Extraction Dread of Night Flusterstorm Golgari Charm Thoughtseize Toxic Deluge Dismember Death & TaxesMark Leach6th Place Mother of Runes Thalia, Guardian of Thraben Stoneforge Mystic Phyrexian Revoker Serra Avenger Recruiter of the GuardThalia, Heretic CatharFlickerwispSanctum Prelate Horizon Canopy Mishra's Factory Sea Gate Wreckage Wasteland Plains Rishadan Port Karakas Swords to Plowshares Aether Vial Umezawa's Jitte Sword of Fire and IceBatterskull Rest in Peace Pithing Needle Grafdigger's Cage Gideon, Ally of Zendikar Ethersworn Canonist Leonin Relic-Warder Seal of CleansingCouncil's Judgment Banisher PriestPath to ExileBrimaz, King of Oreskos Colorless EldraziPete Repp7th Place Endless One Eldrazi Mimic Matter Reshaper Reality Smasher Thought-Knot Seer Oblivion SowerEndbringerSimian Spirit Guide Ancient Tomb Mishra's Factory Eldrazi Temple Wasteland Eye of Ugin Cavern of Souls City of TraitorsUrborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth Dismember Warping Wail Umezawa's Jitte Chalice of the Void Grafdigger's Cage Pithing Needle Null Rod Winter Orb Phyrexian Revoker Ratchet Bomb Thorn of AmethystEndbringer All is Dust MiraclesRich Cali8th Place Monastery Mentor Snapcaster MageVendilion Clique Flooded Strand Scalding Tarn Arid MesaKarakasPlains Volcanic Island Island Tundra Engineered ExplosivesCouncil's JudgmentCounterspellTerminus Swords to PlowsharesJace, the Mind SculptorCounterbalanceForce of WillPonderBrainstormSensei's Divining Top Pyroblast From the Ashes Wear // TearFlusterstormSurgical Extraction Mountain Pyroclasm Engineered ExplosivesEntreat the AngelsRed Elemental Blast