Modern Elite Event 12/31/2016

January 03, 2017
AffinityGreg Eichelberger1st Place OrnithopterSignal Pest Vault SkirgeArcbound Ravager Steel OverseerEtched ChampionMemnite Blinkmoth Nexus Inkmoth Nexus Darksteel Citadel GlimmervoidMountain Mox OpalSpringleaf DrumCranial PlatingGalvanic BlastThoughtcast Etched Champion Graffdiger's Cage Chalice of the VoidSpellskiteThoughtseize Rest in PeaceBlood MoonGhirapur Aether GridWhipflareAncient Grudge Grixis DelverAustin Tussing2nd Place Delver of Secrets Tasigur, the Golden Fang Young PyromancerSnapcaster Mage Spirebluff Canal Scalding Tarn Steam Vents Island Mountain Blood CryptDarkslick ShoresPolluted DeltaSwampWatery Grave Collective Brutality Gitaxian Probe Lightning Bolt Serum Visions Thought Scour Spell Snare Mana Leak Terminate Kolaghan's Command ElectrolyzeMurderous Cut Surgical Extraction Blood Moon Engineered Explosives Izzet StaticasterCountersquall Dispel Vandalblast Desolate Lighthouse TerminateKolaghan's CommandRavenous TrapCollective Brutality RG ValakutNick Woods3rd Place Primeval TitanSakura-Tribe Elder Wooded Foothills Cinder Glade Windswept HeathStomping Ground Forest Mountain ScapeshiftSearch for TomorrowKhalni Heart ExpeditionExploreAnger of the GodsSummoner's PactFarseek Grafdigger's Cage Relic of Progentius Guttural ResponseSpellskiteObstinate Baloth Sudden ShockReclamation SageBack to NatureAncient GrudgeAnger of the Gods JundChris Munn4th Place Tarmogoyf Dark Confidant Scavenging OozeGrim LavamancerKalitas, Traitor of Ghet Forest Swamp Blackcleave Cliffs Raging Ravine Treetop Village Blood CryptOvergrown TombVerdant CatacombsWooded FoothillsBloodstained MireStomping Ground Lightning Bolt Inquisition of Kozilek Thoughtseize Terminate Abrupt DecayCollective BrutalityLiliana of the VeilMaelstrom PulseLiliana, the Last HopeKologhan's CommandSlaughter Pact Anger of the Gods Kitchen Finks Midnight Oil Grafdigger's Cage Ancient Grduge Thrun, the Last Troll Damnation Night of Soul's BetrayalCrumble to DustGolgari Charm/card>Collective BrutalityEngineered ExplosivesKolaghan's Command InfectJames Witherall5th Place Glistener Elf Blighted Agent Noble HierarchViridian Corrupter Inkmoth Nexus Breeding Pool Wooded Foothills Pendelhaven Windswept Heath Misty RainforestForest Twisted Image Gitaxian Probe Blossoming Defense Slip through Space Dismember Might of Old KrosaVines of the VastwoodBecome ImmenseMutagenic Growth Nature's Claim Wild Defiance Grafdigger's Cage Twisted ImageKitchen Finks Spellskite DispelPendelhavenDismember Spell Pierce RG Land DestructionJosh Nichols6th Place Birds of ParadiseArbor Elf Obstinate BalothThragtusk Stormbreath Dragon Inferno TitanThrun, the Last TrollCombustible Gearhulk Wooded Foothills Windswept HeathStomping Ground Forest Mountain Chandra, FlamecallerBeast WithinMwonvuli Acid-MossStone RainBonfire of the DamnedUtopia SprawlBlood Moon Anger of the Gods Sudden Shock Ancient GrudgeNatural StateLightning Bolt Thrun, the Last TrollKitchen FinksAncient GrudgeShatterstormGrafdigger's Cage Skred RedJames Montgomery7th Place Goblin Dark Dwellers Snow-Covered Mountain Scrying Sheets Sarkhan, the DragonspeakerKoth of the HammerChandra, Torch of DefianceLightning BoltSkredMagma JetAnger of the GodsBlasphemous ActMolten RainStone RainPyrite SpellbombRelic of ProgenitusRoastBlood Moon Blood Moon Dragon's Claw Crumble to DustKozilek's ReturnStormbreath DragonSpellskite Blue TronSeth Clark8th Place Snapcaster MageSpellskitePlatinum Angel Urza's Tower Urza's Power Plant Urza's Mine Academy RuinsGhost Quarter Island FabricateAnticipateEpiphany of the DrownyardThirst for KnowledgeCondescendRepealSpell BurstExpedition MapChalice of the VoidTalisman of ProgressUgin, the Spirit DragonOblivion StoneMindslaverBatterskullRemand Gut Shot Spell Pierce Stubborn Denial Sundering Titan Surgical ExtractionRelic of Progenitus