Modern Elite Event 3/19

March 24, 2017
*Note* Players split the Top 8, these are standings after the swiss rounds.
Death Shadow JundScott Carl1st Death's Shadow Tarmogoyf Street Wraith Ghor-Clan Rampager Verdant Catacombs Wooded Foothills Bloodstained Mire Overgrown Tomb Stomping Ground Blood Crypt Swamp Forest Thoughtseize Inquisition of Kozilek Traverse the Ulvenwald Mishra's Bauble Fatal Push Kolaghan's Command Tarfire Liliana, the Last Hope Liliana of the Veil Temur Battle Rage Dismember Abrupt Decay Fulminator Mage Nihil Spellbomb Ancient Grudge Collective Brutality Kozilek's Return Surgical Extraction Fatal Push Liliana of the Veil Maelstrom Pulse Painful Truths
Abzan CompanyConnor Bryant2nd Noble Hierarch Birds of Paradise Voice of Resurgence Eternal Witness Scavenging Ooze Renegade Rallier Spellskite Sigarda, Host of Herons Kitchen Finks Anafenza, Kin-Tree Spirit Viscera Seer Melira, Sylvok Outcast Varolz, the Scar-Striped Sin Collector Verdant Catacombs Windswept Heath Temple Garden Overgrown Tomb Godless Shrine Horizon Canopy Swamp Forest Plains Marsh Flats Gavony Township Collected Company Chord of Calling Eldritch Evolution Eidolon of Rhetoric Anafenza, the Foremost Thoughtseize Reclamation Sage Aven Mindcensor Orzhov Pontiff Big Game Hunter Burrenton Forge-Tender Kataki, War's Wage Maelstrom Pulse Path to Exile
Eldrazi TronTrey Bowman3rd Walking Ballista Matter Reshaper Thought-Knot Seer Reality Smasher Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger Endbringer Ghost Quarter Urza's Tower Urza's Mine Urza's Power Plant Eldrazi Temple Wastes Sea Gate Wreckage Cavern of Souls Warping Wail Dismember Chalice of the Void Basilisk Collar Batterskull Expedition Map Karn LIberated All is Dust Spatial Contortion All is Dust Warping Wail Ugin, the Spirit Dragon Crucible of Worlds Grafdigger's Cage Pithing Needle Relic of Progenitus Surgical Extraction Ratchet Bomb
BurnCharles Quinlivan4th Goblin Guide Monastery Swiftspear Eidolon of the Great Revel Grim Lavamancer Stomping Ground Sacred Foundry Arid Mesa Bloodstained Mire Wooded Foothills Inspiring Vantage Mountain Skullcrack Searing Blaze Lightning Helix Rift Bolt Lighting Bolt Lava Spike Boros Charm Molten Rain Path to Exile Kor Firewalker Destructive Revelry Deflecting Palm
Grixis ControlNate Barton5th Snapcaster Mage Tasigur, the Golden Fang Scalding Tarn Polluted Delta Flooded Strand Watery Grave Steam Vents Blood Crypt Sulfur Falls Creeping Tar Pit Island Mountain Swamp Ancestral Vision Serum Visions Thought Scour Fatal Push Lighting Bolt Spell Snare Countersquall Logic Knot Terminate Kolaghan's Command Cryptic Command Molten Rain Izzet Staticaster Countersquall Dispel Collective Brutality Fulminator Mage Surgical Extraction Anger of the Gods Damnation
Jeskai ControlJeremy Epp6th Snapcaster Mage Vendilion Clique Keranos, God of Storms Scalding Tarn Arid Mesa Flooded Strand Hallowed Fountain Steam Vents Sacred Foundry Celestial Colonnade Desolate Lighthouse Ghost Quarter Sulfur Falls Island Plains Mana Leak Cryptic Command Spell Snare Lightning Helix Lighting Bolt Path to Exile Electrolyze Sphinx's Revelation Supreme Verdict Ajani's Vengeant Threads of Disloyalty Relic of Progenitus Anger of the Gods Waer // Tear Jace, Architect of Thought Celestial Purge Timely Reinforcments Anger of the Gods Izzet Staticaster Dispel Counterflux
Ad NauseamRob Gailor7th Laboratory Maniac Darkslick Shores Seachrome Coast Gemstone Mine Temple of Deceit Temple of Enlightenment City of Brass Dreadship Reef Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth Island Plains Serum Visions Sleight of Hand Phyrexian Unlife Angel's Grace Spoils of the Vault Lotus Bloom Pentad Prism Pact of Ngeation Simian Spirit Guide Lightning Storm Leyline of Sanctity Esper Charm Darkness Boseiju, who Shelters All Pact of Negation Slaughter Pact Thoughtseize Echoing Truth
ElvesKevin Hamel8th Elvish Mystic Llanowar Elves Arbor Elf Heritage Druid Nettle Sentinel Dwynen's Elite Elvish Visionary Elvish Champion Elvish Archdruid Shaman of the Pack Ezuri, Renegade Leader Wooded Foothills Verdant Catacombs Overgrown Tomb Temple Garden Forest Lead the Stampede Collected Company Scavenging Ooze Fracturing Gust Thrun, the Last Troll Beast Within Elvish Champion Reclamation Sage Burrenton Forge-Tender