Modern Elite Event 8/28

August 30, 2016
Naya BurnTyler DM1st Place Eidolon of the Great RevelGoblin Guide Wild NacatlMonastery Swiftspear Grim Lavamancer Wooded Foothills Bloodstained Mire Arid Mesa Scalding TarnStomping Ground Sacred Foundry Mountain Rift BoltBoros Charm Lava SpikeLightning BoltSearing BlazeAtarka's Command Grafdigger's Cage Kor Firewalker Exquisite Firecraft Lightning Helix Deflecting PalmDestructive Revelry Path to Exile Merfolk Erik Burger2nd Place Master of Waves Cursecatcher Phantasmal Image Harbinger of the Tides Silvergill Adept Lord of AtlantisKira, Great Glass-SpinnerMaster of the Pearl Trident Merrow Reejerey Island Cavern of Souls Mutavault Minamo, School at Water's Edge Aether Vial Dismember Spell Pierce Vapor Snag Negate Relic of Progenitus Hurkyl's Recall Dispel Vapor Snag Tidebinder MageSpellskite Ad NauseamRob Gailor3rd Place Simian Spirit GuideLaboratory Maniac Gemstone Mine Seachrome Coast Temple of Enlightenment Temple of Deceit Darkslick Shores Island Plains Dreadship Reef Urborg, tomb of Yawgmoth Pact of NegationSerum VisionsSleight of HandLotus BloomPentad PrismSpoils of the VaultAngel's GracePhyrexian UnlifeAd NauseamLightning Storm DamnationEchoing Truth Leyline of SanctityDarknessPainful TruthsBoseiju, Who Shelters AllSilencePact of Negation Bant CompanyMarcel Pratt4th Place Birds of Paradise Reflector Mage Fiend Hunter Meddling Mage Qasali Pridemage Knight of the ReliquaryPhantasmal ImageEternal WitnessSpell QuellerWall of Roots Windswept Heath Flooded Strand Hollowed FountainBreeding PoolTemple GardenGhost QuarterPlainsForestIslandGavony TownshipBojuka Bog Collected Company Chord of Calling Dispel Ghost Quarter Ethersworn Canonist Dromoka's Command Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir Essence FluxFlickerwispMeddling MageKnight of the Reliquary Bring to Light ScapeshiftMichael McKinney5th Place Sakura-Tribe Elder Snapcaster Mage Huntmaster of the Fells Polluted Delta Breeding Pool Stomping Ground Steam Vents Watery Grave IslandForestSwampMountainValakut, the Molten PinnacleCinder Glade Flooded GroveMisty Rainforest Search for Tomorrow Scapeshift Hunting Wilds Cryptic Command Remand Lightning BoltAnger of the GodsElectrolyzeIzzet CharmWorldly CounselBring to Light Inferno Titan Obstinate Baloth Bring to Light Pia and Kiran NalaarAncient Grudge Engineered Explosives Slaughter GamesShatterstorm Dispel Spellskite Jund CharmIzzet StaticasterCounterfluxGrafdigger's CageCrumble to Dust Grixis DelverZach Carlin6th Place Snapcaster MageDelver of SecretsTasigur, the Golden FangGurmag Angler Vendilion Clique Darkslick Shores Polluted Delta Blood Crypt Watery Grave Island Swamp Scalding Tarn Bloodstained Mire Mountain Steam Vents DreadboreSerum VisionsMana LeakLightning BoltTerminateElectrolyzeKolaghan's CommandSpell SnareRemand Thought Scour Ancestral VisionLeyline of the Void DispelEngineered ExplosivesCountersquallMagma SprayYixlid JailerVandalblast Esper ControlScott Collet7th Place Snapcaster MageWall of OmensKitchen FinksRestoration Angel Celestial Colonnade Flooded Strand Ghost Quarter Glacial Fortress Hallowed Fountain Island Plains Polluted Delta Marsh Flatsrd>Mystic GateGodless ShrineWatery GraveSwamp Shambling Vent CondemnLingering SoulsCollective BrutalityJace, Architect of ThoughtPath to ExileEngineered ExplosivesSupreme VerdictRelic of ProgenitusDetention SphereEsper Charm Surgical Extraction Dispel Supreme Verdict Negate DispelTimely ReinforcementBlessed AllianceMystical Teachings Spreading SeasEngineered Explosives Jeskai MidrangeKyle Dekleine8th Place Snapcaster MageGeist of Saint TraftRestoration AngelVendilion Clique Celestial Colonnade Flooded Strand Ghost Quarter Eiganjo Castle Sulfur FallsHallowed Fountain Island Plains Scalding Tarn Sacred Foundry Mountain Steam Vents Supreme VerdictWrath of GodMana LeakLightning BoltPath to ExileLightning HelixSpell SnareAnticipateRemand Stony Silence Engineered Explosives Anger of the Gods Elspeth, Sun's Champion Relic of ProgenitusNegateDispelMolten RainWear // TearSpellskiteKitchen Finks

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