1st -- Darkrai (Rachel Clarke); 1st -- Volcanion (Brady Guy); 1st -- Kingdra (Aaron Clarke); 2nd -- Gardevoir (Nick Chimento); 3rd -- Gardevoir (David Clarke); 4th -- Metagross (Robert Lea); 5th -- Gardevoir (John Gavin Jr); 6th -- Volcanion (Michael Bergerac); 7th -- Volcanion (Marcus Guy); 8th -- Gardevoir (Niko Sanville)

Flipside Gaming Clifton Park League Cup 4/9/2017 Junior Division 1st Place Rachel Clarke - Darkrai/Yveltal 2 Shaymin EX ros 77 3 Darkrai EX bkp 74 2 Yveltal EX xy 78 1 Yveltal EX pr xy08 2 Salamence EX pr xy 170 1 Giratina EX pr xy 184 1 Hoopa EX aor 36 2 Trainers Mail 4 Ultra Ball 2 Lysandre 3 N 4 Max Elixir 3...

Flipside East Greenbush League Cup 4/8/17 Junior Division 1st Place Henry Collins - Greninja 4 Froakie bkp 38 4 Frogadier bkp 39 4 Greninja bkp 40 3 Greninja Break bkp 41 1 Jirachi pr xy67

1 Max Potion 1 Super Rod 2 Ultra Ball 3 Trainer’s Mail 4 Vs Seeker 4 Dive Ball 4 Bursting Balloon 1 Pokemon Ranger 1...

1st -- Death Shadow Jund (Scott Carl); 2nd -- Abzan Company (Connor Bryant); 3rd -- Eldrazi Tron (Trey Bowman); 4th -- Burn (Charles Quinlivan); 5th -- Grixis Control (Nate Barton); 6th -- Jeskai Control (Jeremy Epp); 7th -- Ad Nauseam (Rob Gailor); 8th -- Elves (Kevin Hamel)

1st -- 4 Color Saheeli (Randall Schmollinger); 2nd -- 4 Color Saheeli (Thomas Gullo); 3rd -- 4 Color Saheeli (Bryan Gottlieb); 4th -- BG Delirium (Chris Calderon); 5th -- 4 Color Saheeli (Michelangelo Dematties); 6th -- RUG Tower (Kevin Hamel); 7th -- GB Energy (Zach Carlin); 8th -- Bant Marvel (Josh Berk)

1st -- Merfolk (Connor Bryant); 2nd -- Burn (Paul Harter); 3rd -- Grixis Delver (Stephen Wood); 4th -- Infect (Kevin Sprague); 5th -- Grixis Delver (Nate Barton); 6th -- Ad Nauseam Tendrils (Ethan Formichella); 7th -- Jeskai Stoneblade (Jeremy Tibbets); 8th -- Elves (Erik Burger)

1st -- Miracles (Bryan Gottlieb); 2nd -- Burn (Henry Dimaria); 3rd -- Mono Red Stompy (Anthony Audette); 4th -- Jund (Kyle Phillips); 5th -- Nic Fit (Rob North); 6th -- Grixis Delver (Greg Cresci); 7th -- Death and Taxes (Greg Eichelberger); 8th -- Merfolk (Connor Bryant)

Here are the decklists from the pokemon league cup that happened at Flipside Gaming Clifton Pack near the end of 2016. Also, keep your eyes out for more decklist coming from our next event on January 8th.

Junior Division 1st Place Sebastian Enriquez2 Yveltal BKT 943 Yveltal EX XY 792 Shaymin EX ROS 772 Trubbish BKP 562 Garbodor BKP...

1st Place -- Affinity (Greg Eichelberger); 2nd Place -- Grixis Delver (Austin Tussing); 3rd Place -- RG Valakut (Nick Woods); 4th Place -- Jund (Chris Munn); 5th Place -- Infect (James Witherall); 6th Place -- RG Land Destruction (Josh Nichols); 7th Place -- Skred Red (James Montgomery); 8th Place -- Blue Tron (Seth Clark)

1st Place -- Mardu Vehicles (Bryan Gottlieb); 2nd Place -- Esper Aggro (Kevin Jones); 3rd Place -- Naya Aetherworks (Chris Calderon); 4th Place -- BG Delirium (Alex Stratton); 5th Place -- UW Flash (Greg Eichelberger); 6th Place -- UW Panharmonicon (Josh Peragine); 7th Place -- Naya Aetherworks (Trey Bowman); 8th Place -- Grixis Control (Greg Cresci)

1st Place -- Naya Burn (Charles Quinlivan); 2nd Place -- Bring to Light Scapeshift (Michael McKinney); 3rd Place -- Dredge (Scott Carl); 4th Place -- Jeskai Midrange (Scott Collett); 5th Place -- BW Hatebears (Matt Oleyourryk); 6th Place -- Infect (Nate Barton); 7th Place -- UR Delver (Shawn McBride); 8th Place -- RG Land Destruction (Josh Nichols)

1st Place -- Grixis Delver (Nate Barton); 2nd Place -- Elves (Erik Burger); 3rd Place -- RUG Delver (Rob North); 4th Place -- Manaless Dredge (Demian Steltz); 5th Place -- BUG Landstill (Kevin Hamel); 6th Place -- Death & Taxes (Mark Leach); 7th Place -- Colorless Eldrazi (Pete Repp); 8th Place -- Miracles (Rich Cali)