1st Place -- GR Tron (Kyle Sullivan); 2nd Place -- GR Tron (Valerie Geloso); 3rd Place -- Jeskai Control (Joe Kaiser); 4th Place -- Jeskai Control (Kevin Hamel); 5th Place -- Naya Burn (Adam Bink); 6th Place -- GW Hatebears (Keith Watson); 7th Place -- Colorless Eldrazi (Peter Repp); 8th Place -- Grixis Control (Grixis Controlr)

1st Place -- GR Ramp (Joseph Deluna); 2nd Place -- BG Aristocrats (TJ Gullo); 3rd Place -- GU Ramp (William Moore); 4th Place -- BG Midrange (Christopher Calderon); 5th Place -- BG Aristocrats (Connor Bryant); 6th Place -- GR Ramp (Mario Cantres); 7th Place -- Bant Company (Joshua Le); 8th Place -- Jund (Anthony Cicchinelli)

1st Place -- Burn (Will O'Neil); 2nd Place -- Abzan False Cure (Scott Carl); 3rd Place -- Ad Nauseam Tendrils (Ethan Formichella); 4th Place -- Sneak and Show (Scott Collett); 5th Place -- Shardless BUG (Eric De Luca); 6th Place -- Ad Nauseam Tendrils (Phil Stroud); 7th Place -- Goblin Stompy (Kyle Sullivan); 8th Place -- Elves (Erik Burger)

1st Place -- Jeskai Control (Chris Calderon); 2nd Place -- UW Control (Jeremy Langevin); 3rd Place -- Colorless Eldrazi (Peter Repp); 4th Place -- Bring to Light Scapeshift (Scott Collett); 5th Place -- Abzan (Matthew Peet); 6th Place -- Infect (Joshua Le); 7th Place -- Living End (TJ Blakley); 8th Place -- Jeskai Control (Lucas Wade)

1st Place -- Colorless Eldrazi (Peter Repp); 2nd Place -- Jund (Olivier Jansen); 3rd Place -- UW Control (Jeremy Langevin); 4th Place -- Bring to Light Scapeshift (Michael McKinney); 5th Place -- Colorless Eldrazi (Greg Cresci); 6th Place -- Jund (Jon Delano); 7th Place -- Elves (Scott Carl); 8th Place -- Elves (Anthony Cicchinelli)

1st Place -- Grixis Control (Takura Blaise); 2nd Place -- Jeskai Black (Jeremy Langevin); 3rd Place -- Four Color Rally (Joe Demestrio); 4th Place -- Grixis Dragons (Joshua Peragine); 5th Place -- Bant Company (Chris Taylor); 6th Place -- Mardu Green (Matthew Peet); 7th Place -- Four Color Rally (Pete Repp); 8th Place -- Abzan Eldrazi (Jason Moon)

1st Place -- Four Color Rally (Mark Morrison); 2nd Place -- Four Color Rally (Peter Repp); 3rd Place -- Mardu Green (Timothy Wagner); 4th Place -- BR Dragons (Michael Yudin); 5th Place -- Mardu Green (Scott Carl); 6th Place -- Jeskai Black (Kevin Jones); 7th Place -- Mardu Green (Josh Sivulich); 7th Place -- Mardu Green (Josh Sivulich); 8th Place -- Bant Company (Jacob Pidgeon)

1st Place -- Ad Nauseam Tendrils (Ethan Formichella); 2nd Place -- Goblin Charbelcher (Mark Morrison); 3rd Place -- Sneak and Show (Scott Collett); 4th Place -- Merfolk (Connor Bryant); 5th Place -- Maverick (Thomas Gullo); 6th Place -- 4 Color Delver (Pat Foote); 7th Place -- Elves (Erik Burger); 8th Place -- Punishing Jund (Josh Peragine)

1st Place -- GW Hatebears (Thomas Gullo); 2nd Place -- Splinter Twin (Jeffrey Roucoulet); 3rd Place -- Living End (Scott Bain); 4th Place -- Abzan (Matthew Peet); 5th Place -- GR Tron (Zach Carlin); 6th Place -- GW Hatebears (Matthew Oleyourryk); 7th Place -- Splinter Twin (Joshua Le); 8th Place -- Merfolk (Kevin Hamel)

1st Merfolk Connor Bryant True-Name Nemesis Cursecatcher Phantasmal Image Harbinger of the Tides Silvergill Adept Lord of AtlantisMaster of the Pearl Trident Island Cavern of Souls Mutavault Mishra's Factory Aether Vial Force of Will Chalice of the Void Misdirection Umezawa's Jitte Pithing Needle Dismember Umezawa's Jitte Grafdigger's Cage Submerge Tidebinder MageHarbinger of the TidesFlusterstormBack to Basics 2nd Punishing JundJonathan Delano...

Abzan Red Kevin Stewart Warden of the First Tree Den Protector Heir of the Wilds Anafenza, the Foremost Siege Rhino Wingmate Roc Windswept Heath Bloodstained Mire Flooded Strand Wooded Foothills Swamp Forest Plains Shambling Vent Canopy Vista Smoldering Marsh Sunken Hollow Cinder Glade Silkwrap Murderous Cut Dromoka's Command Abzan Charm Sorin, Solemn Visitor Gideon, Ally of Zendikar Ultimate Price Self-Inflicted...

1st Jeremy Langevin – Shardless BUG2 Baleful Strix4 Deathrite Shaman4 Shardless Agent4 Tarmogoyf4 Abrupt Decay4 Ancestral Vision4 Brainstorm4 Force of Will2 Hymn to Tourach1 Maelstrom Pulse1 Toxic Deluge1 Jace, the Mind Sculptor2 Liliana of the Veil1 Bayou1 Forest1 Swamp1 Misty Rainforest2 Creeping Tarpit2 Wasteland3 Tropical Island4 Polluted Delta4 Underground Sea4 Verdant CatacombsSideboard:2 Disfigure2 Golgari Charm1 Grafdigger’s Cage1 Hymn to Tourach1...