Evil Geeks Episode 177 & 178 are up! All that is awesome in Geek Culture!

March 01, 2017

Check out a double-dose of the "Brotherhood of Evil Geeks" as they host their awesome podcast for the nerd villain in us all!

Episode 177 (Feb. 7th):


From this show:

Hey there, Evil Geeks! Gallifrey has beamed out an emergency signal to all the galaxy, loudly proclaiming “There’s a new Doctor coming!” and the Evil Geeks have answered the call! Big Evil, C-Mart, and Undies of Wondy assemble to speculate on who the next Doctor should be, as well as discuss what it is they loved so much about Peter Capaldi. It’s a short episode, but we’ve packed it with Whovian goodness!



Episode 178 (Feb 24th):

 From this Show:

It’s podcast time, Evil Geeks! On today’s episode of Transmissions From the Evil Lair C-Mart and Undies of Wondy talk writer/director Amy Taylor, creator of the web series “Jess Archer Versus”. We talk about the creation of the series, yelling at your friends aka “directing” and of course we stray into Buffy territory as usual! If you love  Veronica Mars (or Buffy too) then be sure to check out “Jess Archer Versus” on the web or streaming on Amazon Video!


Who are these guys?

Sequestered in the dankest depths of the Evil Lair, the Brotherhood of Evil Geeks strive to bring you their honest opinions on the entertainment that we all love. Comics, video games, movies, TV shows, and geek culture in general are dissected, reviewed, then re-assembled by each Evil Geek with devious care and nefarious ingenuity. Through our written reporting and through our podcast “Transmissions From the Evil Lair” (Soon to be subliminal message free), we will show you the most vile and uncouth underbelly of the nerd world!

Looking to contact The Brotherhood of Evil Geeks?

Then prepare a sacrifice, say the proper magic incantation, and send an e-mail to us at one of the following addresses:

For General Mischief and Basic Inquiries: evilgeeks@thebrotherhoodofevilgeeks.com

For Article Submissions, Review, Podcast, or Interview Requests: cmart0979@thebrotherhoodofevilgeeks.com


For the Evil Geeks Themselves:

  • Big Evil: bigevil@thebrotherhoodofevilgeeks.com
  • C-Mart: cmart0979@thebrotherhoodofevilgeeks.com
  • Biff Tannen: bifftannen@thebrotherhoodofevilgeeks.com
  • Martian Luthor Kang the 117th: martianluthorkang@thebrotherhoodofevilgeeks.com
  • Arthur Harkness: arthurharkness@thebrotherhoodofevilgeeks.com
  • Greekimus Prime: greekimusprime@thebrotherhoodofevilgeeks.com
  • Lilith Assisi: lillithassis@thebrotherhoodofevilgeeks.com

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