Commander Deck Tech: The Goose Mother

Chris Hoffman
September 01, 2023


The Goose is Loose

The Goose Mother (Wilds of Eldraine #204)

The Goose Mother is an exciting new Legend from the upcoming Wilds of Eldraine set. She is also Hydroid Krasis’s slightly less powerful sister, but moreover she has possibilities as a very interesting commander. Lets brew up some options for some pieces to go with this card but first lets talk about the goose. Lets… take a gander?

Blue Green X:

Food (Throne of Eldraine Tokens #18)

Making a 2/2 Flier with X +1+1 counters on it is already quite good. Then we make Food tokens equal to half of X. With enough mana that can be quite a few tokens. Then, when she attacks we can sacrifice one Food to draw a card. All in all a very likable Legendary Creature. But, what to do with it? We could…

Growing a Great Henge

Hydroid Krasis (Ravnica Allegiance #183) Primordial Hydra (Magic 2013 #183) The Great Henge (Throne of Eldraine #161)

Plan 1 is to cast a bunch of mana rocks and ramp early to make a big Goose and throw it at people. So, we load up on big mana, maybe Nissa who shakes the world and then use some other mana doublers to get very out of hand. Next we make some big creatures, cast a Hydroid Krasis, Primordial Hydra, take your pick. Make sure to have The Great Henge in play and we're all set to be a big creature deck with incidental card advantage and Food tokens for extra life gain. But on the other hand...

Following a Trail of Crumbs

Trail of Crumbs (Throne of Eldraine #179) Elanor Gardner (The Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-earth #286) Oko, Thief of Crowns (Throne of Eldraine #197)

Since we make Food, we should use it. Trail of Crumbs is a very powerful Enchantment that works with Food, but this is just the tip of our arsenal. Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-Earth added several powerful food-matters cards, one of which being Elanor Gardner,  who can grab some extra basic lands. We have Feasting Toll King from the original Eldraine set, which is a pretty big creature who can reanimate itself at the cost of Food tokens. Speaking of food, I’m so used to Oko, Thief of Crowns being banned that I forgot that it’s still legal in Commander, so he definitely belongs in this deck. Since we aren’t in black or white several other food synergies are not available to this deck, so we must look at what else Food offers us and that's lifegain.

Ageless Entity (Commander 2021 #184) Blossoming Bogbeast (Commander 2021 #59) Alhammarret's Archive (Commander 2021 #233)

Green has quite a few lifegain synergies (not as many as white, but we work with what we can get). Ageless Entity is a very powerful card but our options on this substrategey are limited so maybe we should move on to…

A Whir of Invention

Urza, Lord High Artificer (Commander Masters #130) Karn, Legacy Reforged (March of the Machine: The Aftermath #49)

Whir of Invention (Aether Revolt #49) Blightsteel Colossus (Double Masters #235) Kappa Cannoneer (Neon Dynasty Commander #14)

Foods are Artifacts! Now that's something we can make use of. Artifacts are powerful, and with so many in play, and with so many in play, cards that count up the number of artifacts we control are very strong. So cards like Urza, Karn, and friends make huge value on game objects like Food. This lets us Improvise something very silly with Whir of Invention, like Blightsteel Colossus, Kappa Cannoneer, or whatever tickles your fancy with a ton of artifacts in play.

These general strategies are how I see this particular Commander playing out, but this goose is yours to cook. Have fun out there!