Commander Masters Announced: What is it?

Jeremy Epp
February 22, 2023

Yesterday, February 21st, Wizards of the Coast announced a brand new product releasing this summer, Commander Masters! 

We've seen a few different styles of Masters sets in the past, going all the way back to 2013's original Modern Masters, to the most recent Double Masters 2022 which released just last year. This time however, it looks like we're getting our first Masters set focused entirely on Commander! 

Along with the announcement, we've already got a few powerful reprints to showcase from the set. It looks like we'll be seeing the return of the Commander Legends etched foils, as well as brand new full art reprints!




Wizards has also given us a look at the packaging for Draft, Set, and Collector Booster Boxes. Some of the art here seems to suggest some more familiar Legends returning... Gisa and Zacama perhaps?

     Draft Booster Box                                   Set Booster Box                                  Collector Booster Box


It looks like Commander Masters will be coming alongside a new wave of preconstructed Commander decks too! These four decks will each include 10 brand new cards, including brand new Legendary Creatures. These four decks all have different color combinations and themes. We've god the totally colorless Eldrazi Unbound deck, White-Black-Green Enduring Enchantments, White-Blue-Red Planeswalker Party, and the five color Sliver Swarm deck!

Although Wizards didn't specify in their announcement post, it's likely Commander Masters will be drafted in a similar style to the previous Commander Legends sets. We'll be getting our first look at the rest of the set later this year on May 16th, with the set itself releasing on August 4th!