Double Masters 2022: Spoiler Recap

Jeremy Epp
June 24, 2022


Double Masters 2022 spoilers are finally here! As of today we've gotten a look at every card in this exciting new set. Double Masters has definitely delivered some quality reprints this time around, lets check out some of the most exciting cards going from Mythics to Commons!



Liliana, the Last Hope (2X2) Warrior's Oath (2X2) Imperial Seal (2X2)

Liliana, the Last Hope has in some ways become the face of the set. Seeing a solid amount of play across multiple formats, a reprint here should help keep her price at a reasonable level. Both Warrior's Oath and Imperial Seal are cards originally printed in Portal Three Kingdoms, with little to no reprints after their initial release. Imperial Seal had a Judge promo printing a few years ago, but Warrior's Oath has never been reprinted until this set. Both of these cards held price values in the hundreds, so seeing them both featured in this set is a welcome sight!

Dockside Extortionist (2X2) Food Chain (2X2) Concordant Crossroads (2X2)

Dockside Extortionist has been a big point of discussion for Commander players lately, debating whether or not the Goblin Pirate should see a ban at some point. He's still legal for now, and a reprint here should keep his price somewhat in check as ban discussion amongst forums and kitchen tables continues. Food Chain and Concordant Crossroads are both powerful Green spells, and are both cards that have not seen a reprint in quite some time. While both of these cards primarily see play in Commander now a days, they've both seen a ton of play across the formats over the years. Seeing them come back is definitely a welcome sight!

Wrenn and Six (2X2) Mana Vault (2X2) Crucible of Worlds (2X2)

Wrenn and Six is definitely one of the most powerful Planeswalker cards we've ever seen printed. The two mana walker has retained a high price point ever since his first printing, so hopefully this can tune it down a bit. Both Mana Vault and Crucible of Worlds are incredibly powerful artifact spells, and both are great to see reprinted in Double Masters. While neither of these cards have extremely high price points, these reprints should help to keep them from creeping any higher over the coming years.



Smothering Tithe (2X2) Oracle of Mul Daya (2X2) Damnation (2X2)

Smothering Tithe has become a Commander all-star card since its printing in Ravnica Allegiance a few years back. With how much play it sees, this card will likely need a reprint every few years to keep its price at a reasonable level. Oracle of Mul Daya and Damnation have seen a reprint or two since their initial release. These cards have seen Commander play almost since the inception of the format, so they're always nice Rares to see in a spoiler list.

Teferi's Protection (2X2) Bloom Tender (2X2) Kolaghan's Command (2X2)

Similarly to Smothering Tithe, Teferi's Protection has become one of the premier White Rares of the Commander format. Its reprint in the Strixhaven: Mystical Archives helped to keep its price in line, but with how much play this card sees it feels like it could use a few more printings over time. Bloom Tender is 5 - Color Commander player's best friend. This powerful Elf had a reprint back in Mystery Boosters in 2019/2020, but reprinting this card every few years seems like a good idea. Kolaghan's Command has seen a solid amount of play across many formats over the years. Like Blood Tender its last reprint was in Mystery Boosters, but seeing it here is definitely welcome.

Anguished Unmaking (2X2) Hydroid Krasis (2X2)

Assassin's Trophy, Anguished Unmaking, and Hydroid Krasis are all pretty strong two color spells. Assassin's Trophy and Anguished Unmaking are some of Commander's more popular removal spells due to their limited restrictions. Hydroid Krasis actually received a downgrade in rarity, coming down from the Mythic Rare status he held back in Ravnica Allegiance. Although none of these cards held particularly high prices, their reprints are definitely nice additions to the set.

Aether Vial (2X2) Phyrexian Altar (2X2) Sensei's Divining Top (2X2)

Closing out our Rare sections we've got a group of extremely powerful reprints. These three artifacts each held pretty high price points, with Phyrexian Altar sitting around three digits. Aether Vial has been played on and off in Modern for years now, so seeing it printed again in Double Masters this year is solid. Phyrexian Altar and Sensei's Divining Top are both more played in Commander than other formats (to some Legacy players' dismay), but they've retained high a high value level for the years they've been around. These both could have definitely been included as Mythic Rares, so it's very nice to see them take up Rare slots.


   Blood Artist (2X2)  


While maybe not as exciting as the Rares and Mythics we've seen so far, Double Masters 2022 definitely has some nice reprints at Uncommon level. Mentor of the Meek received a downgrade from being a Rare, Blood Artist and Eternal Witness are played in a ton of Commander decks, and Path to Exile, Lightning Bolt, and Inquisition of Kozilek have been Modern Staples for what feels like forever.

Dragon Arch (2X2)

A few more nice Uncommons, Lightning Helix and Bloodbraid Elf have seen play across multiple formats, while Crackling Doom and Dragon Arch are more regulated to the Commander battlefield. Crackling Doom coming down from a Rare may be interesting for Limited play come release weekend.


      Monastery Swiftspear (2X2)


Wrapping up for today we've got a few nice Common cards to check out. The stand out card here is definitely Shadowborn Apostle, who is typically played amongst roughly 40 other copies of his fellow Clerics in some Demon themed Commander decks. Everything else here sees play across almost all formats in come capacity.

Overall the latest installment of Double Masters has definitely brought some heat! Look forward to our Limited Guide we'll have go out closer to the set release date. Good luck to everyone in their pack opening adventures!