Exit From Exile Upgraded: Faldorn, Dread Wolf Herald

Nick Alifano
June 10, 2022


Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur’s Gate is finally here! And with new set releases, that means new Commander Precons! This week we will be looking at the new Red/Green precon, Exit From Exile! We got a little taste of what this deck has to offer last year with the Planar Portal precon that came with the AFR Commander Decks. This deck is full of new ways to cast our cards from exile and it expands upon some of the themes we saw in that Planar Portal deck last year. Let’s explore how we can tune this precon and focus it to have a fun and viable option for this archetype.

Creatures to Add

We have gotten a ton of support in the last couple of years for what this precon is looking to accomplish. We have been seeing a lot more impulsive draw from Red and it will greatly benefit the strategy we are looking to run here. So let’s look at some Creature cards that will support this! We’re adding Urabrask, Heretic Praetor, Professional Face-Breaker, Birgi, God of Storytelling, Robber of the Rich and Atsushi, the Blazing Sky. Urabrask will give us that impulsive draw we are looking for while also forcing our opponent to exile their cards and make them play them that turn or lose them forever. Professional Face-Breaker will make us lots of Treasures and we will be able to turn that into even more impulsive draw or to just make lots of mana! Atsushi will also do this for us but just not as frequently. As for Birgi and Robber of the Rich, these are just good cards for impulsive draw strategies! We also would like to mainly be playing Birgi for her backside: Harnfel, Horn of Bounty.

The other creatures we want to add are Goblin Anarchomancer, Apex Devastator and Containment Construct. Anarchomancer will reduce the cost of most of our spells and act as a pseudo ramp source. Containment Construct will turn any of our discards into a sort of impulsive draw where we get to play those cards from exile. Apex Devastator is one of the most powerful cascade Creatures ever printed so we will definitely want to add it to the list!

Spells to Add

In addition to our Creatures we are adding, we also want to add some Instant and Sorceries to fuel our strategy! We will be looking to add: You Find Some Prisoners, March of Reclkess Joy, Galvanic Relay, Wheel of Fate and Wild Magic Surge. Most of these spells will contribute to our Impulsive Draw strategy and help trigger our Commander’s ability. The one spell that doesn’t contribute to the strategy is Wild Magic Surge. This is a new Instant from Baldur’s Gate that really helps Red with removing things that it had a hard time doing before. Being able to remove whatever permanent we want for two mana is huge. Red historically is not good at removing Enchantments, and the fact that this set gave us another option besides Chaos Warp is definitely a welcome addition.

Other Permanents to Add

So in addition to those Creatures and Spells, let’s look at adding some more Permanents to fuel our strategy. The only Enchantment I would like to add is Valakut Exploration. This card (in my opinion) has been slept on ever since it came out in Zendikar Rising. Being able to have our Land drops contribute to our strategy and then deal more damage to our opponents is a great tool to have. For Artifacts, let’s look at adding: Wand of Wonder, Oracle's Vault, Sol Talisman and Mox Tantalite. Some of these artifacts are a little slow but it doesn’t matter too much as they will trigger our Commander with their abilities. I’m trying out the Wand of Wonder here as I think it is a better version of what Chaos Wand is! The last two cards I want to add are a couple Planeswalkers in the form of: Chandra, Fire Artisan and Chandra, Torch of Defiance. I don’t think we have to touch too much on what these cards do, they’re very strong and slot right into the theme of the deck! Now that we have all of our new cards added. Let’s see what cards we can cut from the precon!

Cards to Cut

1. Grumgully, the Generous:Grumgully is an ok card but I think we want to go wide with our Commanders tokens and not as tall.
2. Managorger Hydra: One big creature is alright, but it doesn’t really help us enact our strategy.
3. Hornet Queen: Again Hornet Queen is ok but only really makes the tokens the one time and doesn’t help with the rest of our plan
4. Natural Reclamation: This is a very expensive spell to just destroy one thing on the board. The Cascade is nice, but we can be more mana efficient than this.
5. Sandwurm Convergence: All this really does is make one 5/5 and stops opponents from attacking us. I think we will make enough tokens with our Commander to deter our opponents from attacking us. Otherwise this card kind of puts a target on our head.
6. Warstorm Surge: There could be an argument to make for keeping this in, but we needed to trim some of the cards that don’t fuel our strategy.
7. Primeval Bounty: Just like Warstorm Surge, had to be trimmed to make more room for cards we are adding to the deck.
8. End-Raze Forerunners: I’d rather not play this card and just try to go wide with our tokens. If we want to play a version of this I think you just play Craterhoof Behemoth every time.
9. Aurora Phoenix: We have much better cast from exile cards to add than this.
10. Sweet-Gum Recluse: Flash is nice but I think what we added to the deck is more efficient than this card.
Embereth Shieldbreaker // Battle Display (CLB)
11. Embereth Shieldbreaker: Adding Wild Magic Surge makes this card look very narrow so we will swap it out.
12. Urabrask the Hidden: The new Urabrask is better for what we want to do in this deck. The Haste is nice and having our opponents Creatures enter tapped is great but it doesn’t help us with the rest of our plan.
13. Demon Bolt: This is a situational removal spell so let’s take it out.
14. Lovestruck Beast: If only vanilla 5/5’s were good in Commander. Otherwise I would play this card but it’s just very narrow.
15. Volcanic Torrent: This is a very expensive removal spell that is super dependent on us casting a lot of spells in one turn.
16. Outpost Siege: This card used to be one of the most played cards in Red decks, but I think with all of the new tools Red has gotten, it’s made this card look kind of obsolete.
17. Chaos Wand: We’re going to try out Wand of Wonder instead of this card!
Forest (CLB)
18-20. 1 Mountain and 2 Forest: This precon plays 39 Lands and I don’t think we need as many Basic Lands as they are giving us so let's trim a few of them.

After all of our additions, here is what the deck will look like!

Upgraded Exit From Exile
Nick Alifano

This precon is quite strong out of the box and I think we have accomplished making it even stronger! Between this precon and the Planar Portal precon from last year, I’m really hoping we will soon get a Black/Red/Green Commander to put all of these cards together! As always I hope you found this upgrade guide to be informative and let me know if there are any other cards that you may want to play in this deck!