Field of the Dead and Arcum's Astrolabe BANNED!

Connor Bryant
October 21, 2019

After the Banned and Restricted Announcement was moved up to October 21st, Field of the Dead was sweating and nervously tugging at its collar. Today delivered on that promise, removing the Bridge from Below - esque land from Standard. Thankfully you can know play Field of the Dead in Wizard's new format called Pioneer, which they also unveiled today. 


After laughing at the color pie in Pauper for months, Arcum's Astrolabe is finally out the door. The card homogenized the traditionally diverse format and is a welcome banning among the community. Frankly, the card shouldn't have been printed in the first place but now we have Deathrite Shaman Snow Edition, at least Pauper is free of the Astrolabe. 

 The next B & R announcement will be November 18th, 2019.