Our First Look at March of the Machines

Jeremy Epp
February 20, 2023


We got our first look at some March of the Machines spoilers this weekend, and boy did they deliver! It looks like Elesh Norn has managed to Breach the Multiverse and spread her Phyrexian oil across the Planes! 

Legends from across the multiverse are coming together and teaming up for the first time in this set, from Planes like Innistrad, Zendikar, Ixalan, and more! 


These spoilers are likely just the tip of the iceberg, who knows what other Legends we could see teaming up later on during spoiler season? Plus we've got even more team-up Legends in the Commander decks!


Some old Legends are coming back with a fresh coat of paint (oil)! It looks like we're finally getting 5 color Omnath, and a new double-faced Heliod!


No set is compleat without its fair share of new Planeswalkers, and Chandra, Home's Beacon definitely sets a high standard for the rest of the walkers we have yet to see!

Of course, we'll also need some Praetors in this crazy conflict, so say hello to the new double-faced Jin-Gitaxias! 


We've got a few more new cards revealed, including a new card designed by World Champion Yuta Takahashi, a new instant speed cantrip featuring flavor text from Elspeth, and one new (and a bit morbid) card from the aftermath!


To wrap things up we've got the old cycle of "gain 1 life" Common Lands from Khans of Tarkir coming back once again, but this time they each feature brand new art from different planes, as well as some very interesting flavor text! 





There's still so much we haven't seen from the set yet, so it only gets more exciting from here! March of the Machines releases on April 21st, make sure to keep your eyes out for more spoilers are we get closer to the official release! 

*Update* We officially have March of the Machines available for preorder now, check it out here!