Phyrexia: All Will Be One Prerelease Achievements Game

Ryan Normandin
February 03, 2023


Phyrexia: All Will Be One is finally here! Keep track of all your achievements throughout this prerelease weekend, and make sure to let us know your scores in the comments down below! 




Proliferate Poison counters for lethal.

Deal lethal with Poison and damage at the same time.

Mill an opponent with Jace, the Perfected Mind.

Kill a Tyrranax Rex with a removal spell.

Have Ichormoon Gauntlet do something. Anything. Maybe sacrifice it to Slobad?

Kill with a Koth Emblem.

Put Rats into your hand with Karumonix, the Rat King.

Beat The Eternal Wanderer.

Cast a Twilight for 5 or more.

Die to your own Archfiend of the Dross.

Scream “FOR MIRRODIN!” whenever the mechanic triggers. It was WotC’s choice to put the exclamation point there.

Kill an opponent with Venerated Rotpriest.

Loop Terramorphic Expanse with Conduit of Worlds.

Awaken the Sleeper a “For Mirrodin!” Equipped token.

Counter a spell with Minor Misstep.

Force a draw with Feed the Infection.

Use cards like Necrogen Communion, Aspirant’s Ascent, and Plague Nurse to give a creature enough instances of Toxic to kill with one hit.

Set up a “dead if they do, dead if they don’t” with Noxious Assault and Toxic creatures.

Build a control deck that avoids decking using Transplant Theorist.

Cast a card with Affinity for its maximum discount.

Use Scheming Aspirant to damage-kill with Proliferate.

Kill an indestructible Dominus with Rebel Salvo.

Get real oily by one-shotting an opponent with Urabrask’s Anointer.

Play a deck with no Phyrexian creatures.

Cast Charge of the Mites for damage while controlling only Phyrexian Mites.

Correctly pronounce “Ichor” all day long.

Draw your deck with Chittering Skitterling.

Use Unctus’s Retrofitter to turn Eye of Malcator into a 4/4 always.

Loop Indoctrination Attendants to create an army of Mites.

Write the shortest story ever by using Prologue to Phyresis to deal a 10th poison counter. Turns out the prologue is the entire story.

Put seven cards into your hand with Atraxa. If you put in eight, please post a screenshot.

Use Ria Ivor to prevent lethal damage and instead get some Mites.

Use Melira to save a Phyrexian.

Do something cool with Kethek. Not sure what, but something.

Loop Voidwing Hybrid over and over and over and…

Go out on your own terms with Staff of Compleation.

Deal 10 with The Filigree Sylex. 

Turn Monument to Perfection into a 9/9.

Sacrifice your Mirran Safehouse as a Terramorphic Expanse.

Draw a card with Tablet of Compleation.

Over the course of all prerelease events, crack all five Spellbombs.

Turn the Mirran Safehouse into Phyrexian territory by using the ability of a Sphere in your graveyard.

Collect all 6,247 versions of Elesh Norn, Mother of Machines.

Put Phyrexian Vindicator and Phyrexian Obliterator in the same deck. Bonus points if you cast both in one game. 

Proliferate an indestructible counter for the lulz. Then have it be relevant when Glissa removes three, but you have four.

Use Unctus to blow up a creature with a “Destroy target artifact” effect.

Use Staff of Compleation’s first ability non-ironically.

Ult a planeswalker immediately using Vorinclex. Some people have all the luck.

Chain Myr Kinsmiths.

Drive your opponent crazy by pointing out the incorrect apostrophe in Bring the Ending.

Give Glissa Trample, and then enjoy the always-fun Trample/Deathtouch interaction.

Ryan Normandin is a grinder from Boston who has lost at the Pro Tour, in GP & SCG Top 8's, and to 7-year-olds at FNM. Despite being described as "not funny" by his best friend and "the worst Magic player ever" by Twitch chat, he cheerfully decided to blend his lack of talents together to write funny articles about Magic.