The Brothers' War Prerelease Achievements Game

Ryan Normandin
November 11, 2022


The Brothers' War prerelease is here! Use this table to keep track of your game score during the event, then let us know your high scores in the comments below!




Have 10 or more Powerstone Tokens.

Meld one of the three Meld combinations.

Have Fortified Beachhead come into play untapped.

Assemble Labor Tron: Mine Worker, Tower Worker, and Power Plant Worker. Explain this is why unions are so important.

Have Spectrum Sentinel’s Protection from Multicolored do something. Anything at all.

Cannibalism – Eat an Ashnod’s Harvester with Ashnod’s Harvester. Yuck.

Use Su-Chi Cave Guard to cast a chonky boi.

One-shot an opponent with a giant Levitating Statue.

Turn Argivian Avenger into a 1/1 with ALL the abilities.

When you get paired against your friend, side into The Stone Brain to remove their bomb.

Attack twice with Terisian Mindbreaker and argue that you win the game, since half of their library twice is their entire library.

Cast a 4 mana 8/8 Clay Champion.

Have The Stasis Coffin do something. Anything.

Discard your hand with Queen Kayla bin-Kroog. Be sad when you whiff.

Get a copy with Tawnos, the Toymaker – bonus points if it’s the now-uncommon Obstinate Baloth.

Use Urza, Prince of Kroog to create a Portal to Phyrexia that’s also a 1/1 Soldier.

Make a giant giant by casting Giant Growth on Giant Cindermaw.

Cast Powerstone Fracture by sacrificing a powerstone.

Rebuff Urza with Urza’s Rebuff. Urza always was his own worst enemy.

Assert your dominance by gaining control of either Urza or Mishra with Sibling Rivalry.

Use Weakstone’s Subjugation to tap down The Mightstone and Weakstone. 

Give Urza or Mishra a Prison Sentence, and declare the prerelease is over since you’ve stopped the Brothers’ War from ever happening.

Put three cards with Unearth into your graveyard with Disciple of Gix.

Sacrifice a Powerstone to Split the Powerstone.

Attack with a Turn 1 Monastery Swiftspear. On Turn 2, tap two Red mana and say, “Eidolon?” or “Suspend Rift Bolt?”

Reveal The Temporal Anchor off Forging the Anchor.

Earn your opponent’s despairing cries that you’re a lucksack by putting 7 cards into play with Kayla’s Restoration. Cast it for more than 7 just to rub it in.

Use an opponent’s Painful Quandary to play an Obstinate Baloth.

Force a draw with Pyrrhic Blast by killing your opponent and trying to draw from an empty library. Such a pyrrhic victory…

Combo Great Desert Prospector with, well... pretty much anything.

Build a control deck that wins by looping counterspells and removal with Keeper of the Cadence.

Blast Fall Out Boy when you play Arms Race. You know the part.

Loop Unearth cards with Meticulous Excavation.

Be disappointed that you opened Soul Partition as your rare. Cheer yourself up by using it as an overly expensive blink effect.

Use Powerstones to make Misery’s Shadow bigger than 13/13. Guess Death’s got some work to do if it wants to stay relevant.

Out mind-game your opponent with Hostile Negotiations.

Get an extra-big Levitating Statue by animating it with Alloy Animist. 

Have a gruesome realization when you die casting Gruesome Realization (bonus if you die both through damage and decking!)

Get all three modes on Bladecoil Serpent.

Cry out in terror at the horrifyingly goofy face of Liberator, Urza’s Battlethopter.

Use Perennial Behemoth to loop Blast Zone.

Pump a Mishra’s Foundry with a Mishra’s Foundry.

Kill an opponent with Aetherflux Reservoir. Guess Kaladesh won the Brothers’ War after all.

Activate Door to Nothingness. 

Create an army of Urzas or Mishras with Helm of the Host.

Deck an opponent with Mesmeric Orb/Millstone/Keening Stone.

Build a monobrown deck with Mystic Forge.

Miss a Mishra’s Bauble trigger.

Create a 19/19 with Phyrexian Processor.

Play Scrap Trawler, begin sacrificing things, then sigh and ask, “Are you familiar with the combo or are you going to make me do it out?”

Fetch a Self-Assembler off Self-Assembler.

Ryan Normandin is a grinder from Boston who has lost at the Pro Tour, in GP & SCG Top 8's, and to 7-year-olds at FNM. Despite being described as "not funny" by his best friend and "the worst Magic player ever" by Twitch chat, he cheerfully decided to blend his lack of talents together to write funny articles about Magic.