Theros Beyond Death Prerelease Achievements Game

Ryan Normandin
January 17, 2020

Theros Beyond Death Prerelease starts tonight! Keep track of how many of these achievements you can check off throughout the weekend!


Generate over 30 mana with Nyxbloom Ancient

Gain control of Thassa with Kiora Bests the Sea God

Return Elspeth, Sun’s Nemesis with Elspeth Conquers Death

Counter an Ashiok, Nightmare Muse with Ashiok’s Erasure

Pull all remaining lands out of your deck with Nylea’s Intervention

Look at your entire deck with Thassa’s Intervention

Put a Hydra’s Growth on a Hydra

Eat to Extinction a Krosa, Titan of Death’s Hunger

Win the game with Thassa’s Oracle’s ability

Win the game by dealing lethal damage with Thassa’s Oracle. – “Not the way you expected this card to kill you, eh?”

Use Nightmare Shepherd to create 1/1 token copies of any of the Gods

Lock yourself out of casting spells with Treacherous Blessing

Be disappointed by Shatter the Sky

Play five colors with Dryad of the Ilysian Grove

Win the game by sacrificing creatures to Lampad of Death’s Vigil

Counter a removal spell because your opponent forgot that Alseid of Life’s Bounty has a relevant ability

Miss pretty much all of your Daxos, Blessed by the Sun triggers

Helpfully point out to your opponent after they thoroughly demolish you that they missed all their Daxos, Blessed by the Sun triggers

Exile a Titan with The Binding of the Titans

Pump Anax, Hardened in the Forge with The Triumph of Anax

Talk about how much you miss Teyo when you make an 0/4 with The Birth of Meletis

Confuse Alirios by generating multiple Reflections

Break four digits with Hydra’s Growth

When playing Banishing Light, reminisce about the good old days when you could loop Oblivion Rings

Mill out your opponent with Sage of Mysteries

Be unable to play Enemy of Enlightenment because you’re not fond of 0/0’s

Cast Klothys’s Design, then be disappointed because you forgot it doesn’t grant Trample.

Relive the good ol’ days and lethal your opponent by draining them with Gray Merchant of Asphodel. Mention how disappointed you are that you never drew your Pack Rat.

Return Thassa to her owner’s hand with Sea God’s Scorn.

Whiff repeatedly with Nessian Wanderer.

Get got by Threnody Singer

Loop Dreadful Apathy with Captivating Unicorn

Cast Underworld Breach, pull out a die, and announce, “Storm Count is one.”

Snap Alirios out of his narcissism; attack with him while you control a Reflection.

Exile a Cling to Dust with a Cling to Dust.

Fog with Inspire Awe, then mutter, “Why can’t I just draw my Nexus of Fate?”

Do something super cool with Flicker of Fate.

Play too many copies of Glimpse of Freedom.

Flummox a Cyclops.

Trade a Moss Viper for a Titan, and laugh at how puny these gods are.

Turn a God or a Titan into a fish.

Correctly pronounce Ichthyomorphosis on the first attempt.

Use Nylea’s Forerunner with Klothys’s Design to Overrun your opponent.

Cast the same Sleep of the Dead targeting the same creature at least three times.

Whenever you cast a Blessing, pull out the City’s Blessing.

Whenever you cast a Blessing, draw disdainful looks as you shout, “Hashtag blessed!”

When you cast it, say Irreverent Revelers 10 times fast.

Whiff with Relentless Pursuit.

Mill out your opponent with Sweet Oblivion.

Deal 20+ damage with Temple Thief.

Mill your opponent with Ashiok.

Be surprised by the degree to which Calix overperforms.

Have Klothys single-handedly demolish your opponent.

Have your Kroxa be immediately exiled every time it hits the graveyard.

Read Bronzehide Lion multiple times because you keep confusing it with Fleecemane Lion.

Have Allure of the Unknown backfire.

Use Dalakos to cast one of the four Equipment in the set.

Play Gallia of the Endless Dance and announce how excited you are to play Satyr Tribal.

Cast Haktos the Unscarred on Turn 4.

Deal 20+ damage with Devourer of Memory.

Put Staggering Insight on a creature on Turn 2 and have it run away with the game.

Insist that Nyx Lotus is the best Lotus of all time.

Use Shadowspear to kill a God.

Accidentally untap Entrancing Lyre when you intended to keep it tapped. Prompty get punished.

Kill a deathtouch creature with Mirror Shield.

Use Labyrinth of Skophos and Skophos Maze-Warden to kill a creature.

Field of Ruin something.

Discuss how excited you are that, with Field of Ruin, Wizards finally printed a way to deal with Field of the Dead in Standard. It will slot right into your Oko deck!


Each achievement is worth 2 points! Add up your record and let me know your score in the comments!