Top 8 Sea Monsters

Connor Bryant
May 01, 2017

Some quick honorable mentions for the TOP 8 list of Sea Monsters. One of the main components of being a Sea Monster is living in the sea and unfortunately Pearl LAKE ancient doesn't cut it. Maybe it will make the top 8 Lake Monsters list though. Despite their fish creature types, I don't think Bounding Krasis or Gurmag Angler would be found in the sea.


8. Lorthos, the Tidemaker

A quintessential Sea Monster for sure, an 8/8 for 8 with an activated ability for 8 is some tasty flavor and I sure do love some calamari.

7. Man-o'-war

While Man-o'-war may not be huge, he is mighty. The jellyfish has seen play since its release in Visions and is an old school sea monster. Great card, great addition to the team for sea creature diversity.

6. Dandan

An old school monster, the rare from Arabian Nights captured kids imaginations with its inedible art produced by Drew Tucker. One of the most important things about monster horror is not revealing the beast immediately and Dan-Dan does that perfectly.

5. Inkwell Leviathan

Inkwell Leviathan is ENORMOUS. Look at that puny lighthouse!! Ol' Inky has also made waves in legacy and vintage as an unstoppable reanimation and tinker target.

4. Thing in the Ice/ Awoken Horror

You have to do some work to get the Kraken side of Thing in the Ice into play but it is sure worth the effort. The card creates excitement when it is about to flip and unleash the kraken and it ends the game quickly once it is out. I love this take on the classic Sea Monster.

3. Stormtide Leviathan

Stormtide Leviathan is so huge it comes with its own Moat. The card is a monster in Commander and a classic Sea Monster. When this guy is in play, the game becomes all about him. I am a bit suspicious about his status as a Leviathan, but I am not a Sea Monster Judge.  

2. Elder Deep Fiend

The eldrazi octopus is making waves(classic sea monster humor) in standard and modern as a mistbind clique with a 5/6 attached. The card is a nightmare, both in combat and to look at. Despite its eldrazi corruption, Elder-deep fiend is a sea monster at heart and is just another alien thing living on the ocean's floor.

1. Leviathan

Whoooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Leviathan's art is the sole reason for it to be the King of the Sea Monsters. I cant imagine how many little kids traded moxen for Leviathans back in the day. Leviathan started the class of horrible convaluted sea monsters that involved islands and paying huge upkeep costs. He may not be the first of the sea monsters but he is certainly the best.


If you disagree with my rankings or think I forgot an incredible sea monster, comment below!

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