Political Correction

Brian O'Conner
May 31, 2017


Welcome to Political Correction!!

We here at Political Correction take the battles happening in the political arena into the magical realm. We design cards for Politicians, build decks around them and then pit them against each other to see who comes out victorious! But we want to have these wars waged on kitchen tables everywhere! Build the decks below or make your own versions; battle and let us know who won! To start off the series, we have the grudge match of the century between Hillary Rodham Clinton and Donald. J . Trump!


Slant the vote in your favor! Use your influence to avoid scandal and embarrassment! Bribe the opposing forces, copy their strategies and silence the opposition! As worthless Supporters flock to your side. sacrifice them at the altar of the electoral gods! Do whatever it takes, win the Presidency!

Hillary ClintonConnor Bryant1st Ballot Broker Body Double Clever Impersonator Custodi Lich Dimir Doppelganger Knight-Captain of Eos Droning Bureaucrats Duplicant Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite Ertai, the Corrupted Ghost Council of Orzhova Grand Abolisher Grand Arbiter Augustin IV Magister of Worth Mercurial Pretender Obzedat, Ghost Council Palace Jailer Puppeteer Sadistic Hypnotist Sire of Stagnation Academy Ruins Arcane Sanctum Bojuka Bog Calciform Pools Command Tower Concealed Courtyard Darkslick Shores Undergound Sea Drowned Catacomb Flooded Strand Glacial Fortress Godless Shrine Hallowed Fountain Island Isolated Chapel Marsh Flats Plains Polluted Delta Prairie Stream Reliquary Tower Scrubland Seachrome Coast Strip Mine Sunken Hollow Swamp Temple of Deceit Temple of Enlightenment Temple of Silence Throne of the High City Tundra Watery Grave Westvale Abbey Increasing Devotion Blind Obedience Ghostly Prison Greed Krovikan PlagueLingering Souls Nomads' AssemblyPropaganda Damnation Crib Swap Disallow Dismiss Fact or Fiction Hero's Downfall Illusion of Choice Insidious Will Mortify Opposition Perplex Split Decision Sudden Spoiling Swan Song Trickery Charm Unexpectedly Absent Utter End Vendetta Acquire Beseech the Queen Bite of the Black Rose Blatant Thievery Bribery Council's Judgment Dark Petition Demonic Tutor Expropriate Plea for Power Toxic Deluge Tragic Arrogance Coercive Portal Mindslaver Well of Lost DreamsWrath of God

Hilary Clinton, Candidate is a powerful Esper token creator and gains additional votes. She makes White Supporter tokens until she flips into her planeswalker side. Her ultimate is similar to Mirrorweave, which should be game ending with all of her White Supporter tokens in full force. Hillary also employs unique clones to copy the opponent or her token makers. Hillary has plenty of removal spells like Crib Swap and Hero’s Downfall to answer Trump’s walls. Her deck also features some of her cohorts in Ghost Council of Orzhova and Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite. Now lets see Trump’s deck.



Victory is all that matters as you construct tremendous walls to keep the opposition at bay! Defend your homeland! Overcome the adversity of the hands you were dealt! Amass an army to evict all rivals and deliver on promises of a better tomorrow! Make the battlefield great again!

Donald TrumpConnor Bryant1st AEther Membrane Alabaster Wall Fortified Rampart Jeskai Barricade Kazuul, Tyrant of the Cliffs Master of Cruelties Mogis, God of Slaughter Pontiff of Blight Prison Barricade Scourge of the Throne Shifting Wall Steel Wall Wall of Bone Wall of Essence Wall of Faith Wall of Glare Wall of Nets Wall of Omens Wall of Reverence Wall of Shards Wall of Swords Arid Mesa Badlands Battlefield Forge Bloodstained Mire Caves of Koilos Command Tower Dragonskull Summit Marsh Flats Mountain Plains Plateau Rakdos Guildgate Rogue's Passage Scoured Barrens Scrubland Sunhome, Fortress of the Legion Swamp Temple of Malice Temple of Silence Temple of the False God Temple of Triumph Terramorphic Expanse Arid Mesa Bloodstained Mire Vivid Meadow Marsh Flats Coldsteel Heart Defense Grid Gilded Lotus Mardu Banner Norn's Annex Shrine of Burning Rage Sol Ring Staff of Domination Warmonger's Chariot Ambition's Cost Armageddon Capital Punishment Cruel Entertainment Damnation Debt to the Deathless Decree of Pain Gild Merciless Eviction Open the Armory Razia's Purification Rout Wrath of God Arrest Assemble the Legion Aurification Chained to the Rocks Greed Land Tax No Mercy Palace Siege Rolling Stones Uphill Battle War's Toll Chaos Warp Comeuppance Condemn Fall of the Titans Mortify Rally the Peasants Unmake


Candidate Trump is a Wall lord. He grants Walls the ability to return creatures to their home and can tutor for more walls.Trump’s drawback is very detrimental though, the Trump player may have a hard time winning with a tiny hand. Once Trump has built up enough walls, he transforms into President Trump. President Trump can recruit more walls and draw cards based on how large the walls are. His emblem makes the walls come alive and crash down on the opponent. Despite his walls, Trump has some sweepers in Merciless Eviction and Rout. Patriarch’s Bidding can put you back into the game if your walls get swept away.  Gild and Mortify headline the wealth of answers. The games seem to drag on with Trump and for that reason, the deck has a few big splashy spells to cast; Debt to the Deathless and Fall of the Titans tend to end things. Lets battle! 

These are our two combatants. In one corner, we have the Esper Lady of Doom, Hillary Clinton,  with her ranks of Supporters against the Mardu Real Estate Mogul Donald J. Trump. Who will win???

Battle Report

Staying true to form Trump opened with an early Land Tax ensuring real estate wouldn’t be an issue while facing down Hillary’s early pressure. Disappointingly for Hillary she was only able to muster a rather passive Pupeteer by the end of her third turn. Reaching for the opportunity, Trump focused on developing his infrastructure, adding a Coldsteel Heart, and Steel Wall, which looked to tilt the field until Hillary entered the contest herself. She was followed by three supporters, all of whom gleemed with the thoughts of bringing the assault to Trump next turn. Trump, unfettered by the line Hillary of supporters, showed a No Mercy from hand, cracking a closed lip smile as if tempting the supporters to a succumb demise of their own construction. Having no care for Trump’s haughty grimace Hillary took to action, rallying two addition supporters, igniting that spark you only see in a candidate from time to time. Enter Hillary Unbound….

Her supporters rallied, and cheered as victory seemed to be, at this point, a forgone conclusion. They did not anticipate the resolve of their advisory. His ability to disregard what seemed so obvious, and to uselessly persevere in the face of certain defeat. This drew out the middle game. Trump, turn after turn after turn, trying to gain a foothold on the battlefield.  Hillary answering, each attempt with decisiveness, but as time went on answers began to dry up. The flames of Hillary’s campaign would not be satiated, and those supporters, once jubilant, now began to realize their fate.

It was the noble, albeit unwilling, sacrifice by her supporters that let Hillary position herself for a potential victory. The board now held a few additional walls for Trump, as well an Aurafication, to provide further incentive for the remaining Hillary supporters to remain out of the red zone. Then Hillary unleashed a Sire of Stagnation, it hideous and contorted appearance dwarfed even the grand nature of Trump’s walls. Her attention focused on the sire’s summoning left a window for Trump to finally land himself on the battlefield. Over the next few turns he quickly assembled enough walls, revealing himself as the predestined victory of the campaign.  

Hillary, unphased by the prophetic revelation, unleashed her ultimate sending her back to the command zone and, morphing her supporters into copies of Sire of Stagnation. The assault crippled the Trump team. Standing atop what survived of his great walls, he petitioned the fates, if he was destined, now was the time it would show.

The fates answered with a Merciless Eviction, and all the remained on the battlefield was Trump, and his Coldsteel Heart. Trump scrambled to reconstruct his walls, garnering more loyalty in the process.  Hillary raced back to the field, drawing in enough support to immediately reassume her previous form. Once again using her supporters to refill her hand she added threats to the board with Increasing Devotion and Nomad’s Assembly. Trump had rebuilt his fortification beyond that seen before, and the loyalty he achieved was enough. Next turn he would be able to send forth his walls to strike down once and for all the unrelenting Hillary. She was against the ropes, she had to act but would the cards be there? Hilary drew Greed for her turn and she played it and paid life to draw cards with no relief. Her Greed would be her downfall as Trump’s army of Walls would tumble down on her and claim victoy.  

Trump Wins!