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January 26, 2013


    We here at FlipSide Gaming wanted to inform you that we having been continuously uploading more product onto the website and that we are currently accepting Pre-Orders for Gatecrash singles.  Over the next few weeks we plan to have more product available for you to purchase so keep checking back in to the website for more updates.  We also wanted to remind you to like/follow us on Facebook and Twitter to receive updates regarding special deals & promotions, website updates, and events that we will be vending at in the coming months.  Lastly, the Jace, the Mind Sculptor promotion is still going on.  Every $50 or more you purchase from now until March 31st will get you into the running to win a free Jace, the Mind Sculptor.  That is right FREE!  Do not let this excellent opportunity pass by you and keep checking back in with us for more updates.     

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