Fantasy Flight Games Releases New Star Wars: Destiny Booster Packs

Kyle Massa
March 14, 2018

The latest Star Wars: Destiny cards have arrived. It appears the Force is strong with them.

This new set, entitled Way of the Forcefocuses on iconic characters from the Star Wars universe (or galaxy, as it were). The set's 160 new cards promise to further explore mechanics introduced in Legacies, including further development of plot cards. Some of the most exciting featured character cards include Bo-Katan Kryze, General Grievous, and Luke Skywalker himself. And though there's been no specific card yet previewed for him, a printing of Supreme Leader Snoke is possible considering his appearance on the packaging.

Each Way of the Force booster pack contains five cards from the new set, plus one premium die. The product's starting MSRP is $2.99. 

For longtime Star Wars: Destiny players, Way of the Force looks like a slam dunk. The promise to revisit classic characters "in fresh new ways" is a thrilling concept in and of itself. For newer players, the set's expansion on base set mechanics should provide a natural step upward in complexity. And with characters from all three generations of Star Wars films previewed, the set seems likely to offer even more characters from every era of the franchise.

Way of the Force will be released at an unspecified date in quarter three of this year. 

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