FAQ: Zendikar Rising Wave 2 Release Delays

October 05, 2020

To all those who have supported us here at Flipside Gaming through this turbulent and uncertain time, we want to express our gratitude. We hope this article can help clear up some frequently asked questions you may have concerning the delays to the Zendikar Rising release 2nd Wave.

We will continue to update this page with additional information as we receive it.

Q: Why was my order delayed?

Due to production delays the product release of Zendikar Rising has been split into 2 waves, with your order being fulfilled in the 2nd wave.  This delay affected distributors nationwide.  We expect to be able to fulfill all of the Collector and Draft booster product that was presold, upon receiving our 2nd wave shipment. 

WOTC announcement of delays: 


Q: When will the 2nd wave be fulfilled?

Distributors gave an initial estimate of 7-10 days from the original release date for us to receive our 2nd wave, but that is unconfirmed.  We hope to have all outstanding orders shipped in 1-2 business days after receiving our 2nd wave.

Q: I have another question about my order?

Please don't hesitate to reach out with any additional questions via our Contact page and be sure to include your Order Number.


*Update - 10/15*

Our Zendikar Rising Collectors Booster Boxes have shipped out. Please feel free to send any further questions to us through our Contact page. We appreciate your patience.


Thank you.