The Weekend Round Up Feb. 6th

February 06, 2017

What you missed!

Pro Tour Aether Revolt

The beautiful Pro Tour came and went this past weekend in Dublin, Ireland. Lucas Esper Berthoud took down Pro Tour Aether Revolt with his Mardu Vehicle deck that was the story of the Pro Tour. Paulo Vitor Dama da Rosa made his 11 th Pro Tour Top 8, putting him ahead of Kai Budde for the second most all-time and 5 behind Jon Finkel. Near hall of famer Martin Juza and Portugese Platinum star, Marcio Carvalho notched Top 8’s as well. If you want to see my opinion on what it means for the format and potential bans, check out my upcoming article.

SCG Regionals

All over the country, Starcity Games ran Modern Regional Championships. The modern format is still developing after the most recent bans. Decklists from the events are usually posted later in the week.

Roman Fusco took down the New York regional hosted by Kirwans Game Store with Burn. He defeated Dan Ward and his Goryo's Vengeance deck in the finals.

Whats coming up!

Grand Prix Pittsburgh

This upcoming weekend is Grand Prix Pitsburgh. It will be the first Standard tournament after the Pro Tour. The tournament will be covered on

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