The Weekend Roundup

January 23, 2017

by Connor Bryant

Check out what you missed in the world of gaming this week in our area!

Magic: the Gathering

What you missed

Aether Revolt Release
The newest MtG set has finally dropped and you can now buy sealed product and singles.
Bannings went into effect
The bannings in standard and modern announced two weeks ago finally went into effect. You can give your Emrakuls, Smuggler’s Copters, Reflector Mages, Golgari Grave-trolls and Gitaxian Probes the Viking funeral they deserve.

Star City Games Open Columbus
The SCG caravan rolled into Columbus, Ohio this weekend for the first tournament of Aether Revolt Standard. Brennan Decandio took down the tournament with an updated Black-Green Delirium deck. You can find the decklists for the event and the Modern Classic at

Whats coming up!

Star City Games Open Richmond
The SCG crew ambles into Richmond, Virginia this weekend. This will be the 2nd event for Aether Revolt Standard. You can find the coverage at


Pokemon TCG

What you Missed!
Pokemon: Sun and Moon
The Sun and Moon theme decks for the upcoming set release released this previous weekend. The rest of the products for the set releases February 3rd.


Tabletop Wargaming

What you Missed!
Warhammer 40k 2-Day event Goldensprue Cup GT 2017
Flipside participated in an awesome 2 day event! Check out the website and our Facebook page for more info!

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