This New MTG Board Game Offers a Fresh Glimpse at Dominaria

Kyle Massa
March 14, 2018

Getting excited about Magic: The Gathering's return to Dominaria? In a new board game entitled Heroes of Dominaria, you can now delve even deeper into the famous trading card game's classic setting.

Created by accomplished game manufacturer WizKidsHeroes of Dominaria is a Eurogame set on the titular plane from the Magic trading card game. (A Eurogame, for those who might not know, is a style of board game in which players accumulate resources and interact indirectly, if at all. Think Settlers of Catan or Ticket to Ride.) In Heroes of Dominaria, players take on the roles of "heroes" (presumably famous planeswalkers) and strive to be the first to save the Multiverse. Fans of Magic will recognize the game's territories, including Urborg, Llanowar, and Keld. In addition, the players' main adversaries are members of the Cabal, another iconic component of the card game.

Founded in 2000, WizKids has produced numerous hit products, including HeroClix, Dice Masters, and Attack Wing. Fear not, Magic fans—WizKids boasts an impressive history of taking existing intellectual properties and translating them into interesting games.

Heroes of Dominaria will probably appeal most to fans of both Eurogames and Magic: The Gathering. This game will likely also draw fans among Magic's "Vorthos" community, or those who enjoy Magic's storyline and settings in particular. 

Though we don't yet have an official release date, the Magic: The Gathering: Heroes of Dominaria Board Game is tentatively scheduled to release in August 2018. It certainly looks like an interesting product!

Kyle Massa is a writer and avid Magic player living in upstate New York with his fiancée and their two cats. When he's not writing, you'll find him down at the East Greenbush Flipside store jamming booster drafts. For more of Kyle's work, visit or follow him on Twitter @mindofkyleam.