Dialga VSTAR is on the Rise!

Gabriel Smart
June 24, 2022


Hey what’s up Flipside readers! My name is Gabriel Smart! And I am excited to bring to you my very first article on this awesome website! Before we begin I would like to introduce myself to you all! Currently I am a Professional Pokemon TCG Player and Coach. I currently play Pokemon full time traveling the world competing in most of the biggest events. Actually, as I am writing this, I am sitting on an airplane about to depart to the east coast to attend Milwaukee Regionals, and the North American International Championships! With the new Astral Radiance set hitting stores the past couple weeks, the metagame has been completely shifted with new archetypes being introduced to the standard format. Decks like Palkia VSTAR, Dialga VSTAR, Regigigas and more have asserted themselves as contenders in this format. Today, let's take a look at one of the hottest news decks in the format Dialga VSTAR! 

Dialga VSTAR has over the past couple of weeks really blown up in popularity. At the very beginning of its release, Dialga struggled mightily to compete with the best decks in the format. Decks like Mew VMAX and Palkia VMAX were able to easily overwhelm it, and people began to think that maybe the deck was too good to be true, and it was destined for mediocrity. All of this changed a couple of weeks ago when Reiji from Japan won the Late Night Series. The Late Night Series is the biggest online event in the competitive Pokemon Scene run weekly by Zach Lesage. Once Dialga won that event, everything changed. A new and improved Dialga list that fixed the issues the original bronzing ones had burst onto the scene, and the deck was finally able to compete with the best of the best. Now, let's take a look at the list I have crafted based off of the event winning list!

Dialga VSTARGabriel Smart Crobat V 104 Origin Forme Dialga V 113 Zacian V 138 Origin Forme Dialga VSTAR 114 Mew 11 Radiant Greninja 46 Metal Saucer 170 Raihan 152 Training Court 169 Ultra Ball 102 Avery 130 Cross Switcher 230 Big Charm 158 Quick Ball 237 Energy Search 161 Air Balloon 156 Scoop Up Net 165 Battle VIP Pass 225 Boss's Orders 132 Marnie 56 Hisuian Heavy Ball 146 Trekking Shoes 156 Metal Energy 82

Key Cards

Dialga VSTAR

Clocking in at 280 HP, Dialga VSTAR is one of the most bulky and feared attackers in the metagame! Its attack Metal Blast is able to deal almost limitless damage on your opponent's active, and gets stronger for every energy that is attached to Dialga. What really makes Dialga VSTAR shine like a star is none other than its VSTAR Power! Each VSTAR Pokemon has a special VSTAR ability, or VSTAR Attack, that can shape an entire game just by the flip of the VSTAR marker! With that being said, the downside is that they can only be used once per game, which means that you better make it count! Dialga VSTARS Star Chronos attack might just be the best VSTAR attack in the entire game! Star Chronos VSTAR deals a massive 220 damage, and its effect allows you to take an entire extra turn! The ability to take 2 turns to your opponents 1 is one of the most powerful effects we have ever seen in the Pokemon Trading Card Game. Star Chronos  is really what carries the deck. As of right now, I have 2 Dialga VSTAR in the deck, as that is typically all you need to win games!

Zacian V

Zacian V is one of those cards that really has not seen a ton of play in this deck. However, I think it makes a fantastic inclusion in a deck like this. Having an alternate attacker that can accelerate energy on itself with its ability “Intrepid Sword '', along with having a very respectable 3 energy attack in Brave Blade that deals 230 damage, is something that I felt like was the missing piece to this deck. There have been numerous times where having this extra attacker will win you games and Zacian V fixes this issue immaculately.


Mew has risen to stardom over the past couple of weeks. With Mew, anything seems to be possible. Most recently Palkia VSTAR took down Melbourne Regionals, and the deck was centralized heavily around Mew. This deck is no different! Mew will allow us to find our combo pieces that we need to achieve our strategies, and provides one of the most reliable consistency engines in the standard format currently! 



Now, you might be quickly realizing that this deck does not play any Professor’s Research or Marnie. With how the deck is currently constructed, there is a reason for that. With cards like Professor’s Research, you will find yourself discarding critical cards like Cross Switchers and Metal Saucers, which are key cards to being successful with this deck. This is also a deck that does not need that much draw support to get going, as it plays so many cards that already burn through the deck so quickly. Avery is a perfect median, where you get to draw a few cards, not discard anything with it, and provide the slightest bit of disruption that can win you games. This card is the perfect fit for how the deck is constructed, and I have loved it versus some of the biggest decks in the standard format like Palkia VSTAR, and Mew!


Cross Switcher

As the standard format has evolved recently, Cross Switchers has become more and more of a popular card. As players have begun to realize the cards true potential paired up with Inteleon, we have seen it begin to be scattered into many meta decks. Cross Switcher is the perfect card in this deck! Being able to use cards like Mew, Trekking Shoes, Avery, and more to be able to find those pieces for Cross Switchers has made this one of the most powerful cards in the standard format!



Most people have been hyping up decks like Palkia VSTAR, Mew VMAX, and Arceus VSTAR variants in the current standard format. I think as time goes on, many people will begin to realize that Dialga is one of the most underrated decks in the format, and can hang with the best of the best. I look forward to seeing how this deck performs at both Milwaukee Regionals, and the North American International Champions coming up. Astral Radiance has given this format new life, and it truly feels like most decks in the standard format have a legitimate chance of winning a tournament! This is all for me today! Make sure to check out all of Flipside Gamings amazing products that they provide on the website! Some of the best products on the market can be bought here! I will speak with you again soon. Cheers!