Searching Standard: Mimikyu VMAX

Mike Likes
May 18, 2023


Hello and welcome to another episode of Searching Standard, where each and every week I look for new, innovative decks for you to play in Standard. This week, I'm looking at a deck that was recently featured on the YouTube channel of LittleDarkFury. It features Mimikyu VMAX BRS 69 as the main attacker, and is capable of Knocking Out multiple opposing Pokemon at once. Let's get started by taking a look at the deck.

Mimikyu VMAXLittleDarkFury Drapion V 118 Skwovet 151 Arceus V 122 Radiant Gardevoir 69 Hawlucha 118 Arceus VSTAR 123 Bibarel 121 Bidoof 111 Mimikyu VMAX 69 Mimikyu V 62 Professor's Research 189 Escape Rope 125 Judge 176 Cheren's Care 134 Boss's Orders 132 Nest Ball 181 Acerola's Premonition 129 Choice Belt 135 Penny 183 Pal Pad 182 Lost City 161 Path to the Peak 148 Ultra Ball 196 Switch 194 Fog Crystal 140 Double Turbo Energy 151 Basic {P} Energy 162


By attacking with Mimikyu VMAX BRS 69's Ominous Numbers attack, you can place four damage counters on your opponent's Pokemon in any way you'd like. While that's okay, this attack gets much better if you play Acerola's Premonition BRS 129 during your turn. This increases the damage counters to thirteen instead of four, which is substantially better. Making this attack even better is the ability to use it as early as your second turn. This can allow you to Knock Out your opponent's Pokemon before they've had the chance to evolve.


While Mimikyu VMAX BRS 69 is the main attacker in this deck, there will be times that you aren't able to boost its damage. For those times, you'll want to use these secondary attackers. Arceus VSTAR BRS 123 is a pretty powerful Pokemon, able to deal 200 damage in addition to ramping up your Energy for your Pokemon V's with its Trinity Nova attack. It also has the Starbirth Ability VSTAR Power, which allows you to search your deck for any two cards to put into your hand. Finally, Drapion V LOR 118 can be very useful against decks employing Single Strike, Rapid Strike, and Fusion Strike Pokemon.


For some additional card drawing, this deck relies on the combination of Skwovet SVI 151 and Bidoof CRZ 111. Skwovet SVI 151's Nest Stash Ability lets you put your current hand on the bottom of your deck and then draw one card. Follow that up with Bidoof CRZ 111's Industrious Incisors Ability, which allows you to draw cards until you have five cards in your hand. By repeating this pattern turn after turn, you'll be able to cycle through your deck, playing the most beneficial cards at the time.


Radiant Gardevoir LOR 69's Loving Veil Ability lets your team take 20 less damage from your opponent's Pokemon V's attacks. This can help keep your Pokemon in the game longer. Radiant Gardevoir LOR 69 also can use its Psychic attack, which can be very useful against a Pokemon that has a lot of Energy attached. Hawlucha SVI 118 won't be able to attack, but its Flying Entry Ability can be quite useful. When timed correctly, you might be able to score two Knock Outs when you play Hawlucha SVI 118 onto your Bench.

Since placing extra damage counters with Mimikyu VMAX BRS 69's Ominous Numbers attack is important, you can use Pal Pad SVI 182 to shuffle a pair of Acerola's Premonition BRS 129 back into your deck.


To help you find what you need, you have this trio of items. Nest Ball SVI 181 helps you find any Basic Pokemon from your deck to put onto your Bench. Ultra Ball SVI 196 can find any Pokemon from your deck to put into your hand. Fog Crystal CRE 140 can be used to find either a Basic Psychic Pokemon or a Psychic Energy card from your deck to put into your hand.


If you need more help getting what you need from your deck, why not try drawing extra cards. Professor's Research SVI 189 lets you draw seven new cards, but you'll have to discard your current hand first. Judge SVI 176 is more like a reset button for both player's hands. It can help you regroup if your opponent has a lot of cards in their hand.


Playing Escape Rope BST 125 forces both you and your opponent to switch their Active Pokemon with one from the Bench. You get the benefit of choosing yours after seeing what Pokemon your opponent chooses. If you'd rather have a bit more say in what Pokemon your opponent has in their Active Spot, you can play Boss's Orders BRS 132. Finally, for those times your opponent moves your Pokemon around, you can use Switch SVI 194 to reset them.


Both Cheren's Care BRS 134 and Penny SVI 183 are similar, as both will put a Pokemon and all attached cards into your hand. The differences are that Cheren's Care BRS 134 only works with a Colorless Pokemon that has damage counters on it, and Penny SVI 183 only works on a Basic Pokemon. Keep those requirements in mind when playing or searching for either of these cards.


The final cards in this deck are general all-purpose cards. Choice Belt BRS 135 can be attached to a Pokemon to give it a boost in damage when attacking a Pokemon V. Lost City LOR 161 places Knocked Out Pokemon into the Lost Zone instead of the discard pile, making them unable to be played again. Path to the Peak CRE 148 removes the Abilities of Pokemon that have Rule Boxes. This has the potential to affect some of your Pokemon, so be cautious when playing this Stadium.

Wrapping Up

This deck has the capability of winning games very quickly, but also has the tools to continue working if the game goes long. If you enjoy playing decks that can spread damage around to your opponent's Benched Pokemon instead of just damaging their Active Pokemon, you might want to try this deck out.

What do you think of this deck? Do you have any suggestions for improvements? Let me know by leaving a comment below. And be sure to join me here again next week as I continue my search for innovative decks in the Pokemon TCG. I'll see you then!

- Mike Likes