Deck Trials: Modern Jeskai Copycat

Dave Dame
April 27, 2017

Each week Dave will bring us new decks and new formats. If you'd like to see a certain deck featured let us know in the comments, even if you just want to see a given format let us know that too!

Jeskai Copycat ComboDave Dame Felidar Guardian Torrential Gearhulk Pia and Kiran Nalaar Snapcaster Mage Celestial Colonnade Glacial Fortress Hallowed Fountain Sacred Foundry Steam Vents Sulfur Falls Scalding Tarn Flooded Strand Plains Mountain Island Lightning Bolt Serum Visions Path to Exile Spreading Seas Remand Saheeli Rai Nahiri, the Harbinger Cryptic Command Condemn Dispel Negate Lightning Helix Blessed Alliance Rest in Peace Stony Silence Supreme Verdict Chandra, Torch of Defiance

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