CMDR Central

Just three guys from Wisconsin who love playing Commander / EDH. Every week Dana, Max and Chris, aim to bring their Tier 1.5 advice and Tier 2 opinions on topics such as the color pie, how to introduce players to EDH, and overall gameplay strategies. But before that they always talk about the games they played; they want you to feel like you are a member of their meta. They break down the sweet plays, awesome wins, and idiotic play mistakes of our weekly games.

Commander Cookout Podcast

Commander Cookout Podcast

The Commander Cookout Podcast is a fun, casual podcast focusing on the Commander Format. The two Canadian hosts, Ryan and Brando make fun to play decks while having a laugh or two.

The Mindcrank Podcast

The Mindcrank Podcast

Listen to the Mindcrank podcast, a competitive Magic the Gathering podcast focusing on metagaming and deck selection. Hosts Maxwell Brown and Connor Bryant talk strategy, decklists, rulings, and all the latest Magic: The Gathering news and information. Occasionally features guests from the MTG community.

Spoiler Season

Spoiler Season Podcast

Ryan and Katie discuss the spoilers for the latest Magic: the Gathering expansion as they're released! Keep up with all the latest spoilers and newest mechanics.

The Win Condition Podcast

The Win Condition is a Maigc Podcast.

Masters of the Forge Podcast

Masters of the Forge

At Masters of the Forge, it is our goal to blow your mind with the lore of Warhammer 40.000, by helping you forge its stories into extraordinary narratives and breathing life into your games, workbenches, and imaginations.

Evil Geeks Podcast

Evil Geeks Podcast

Check out the "Brotherhood of Evil Geeks" as they host their awesome podcast for the nerd villain in us all!