Final Fantasy: (FF VII Remake) Avalanche vs Shinra Two-Player Starter Set

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Included in the set are two preconstructed decks: the AVALANCHE deck, a Fire/Earth deck focusing on the members of the AVALANCHE organization who seek to save the planet; and the SHINRA deck, an Ice/Lightning deck featuring the shadowy figures of the Shinra Electric Power Company who stand in the way of Cloud Strife and his allies. So, two players can play right out of the box, each choosing familiar characters from the hit video game.

Additionally, there will be 15 brand new Starter cards (five different kinds, each with three copies) in each of the decks, for a total of 30 Starter cards across the two decks. Since three copies is a standard playset, players will have as much of these new cards as they need to include in constructed decks! These Starter cards feature popular characters to FINAL FANTASY fans, including Rufus and Cloud.

Furthermore, One copy of Cloud [15-139S], from the AVALANCHE Deck, and Rufus [15-140S], from the SHINRA Deck, will be a Standard Full Art card.*

Starter Cards - AVALANCHE Deck

  • Wedge [15-131S]
  • Jessie [15-132S]
  • Barret [15-133S]
  • Biggs [15-134S]
  • Cloud [15-139S]

Starter Cards - SHINRA Deck

  • Tseng [15-135S]
  • President Shinra [15-136S]
  • Rude [15-137S]
  • Reno [15-138S]
  • Rufus [15-140S]