Kryptik: Wicked Prophecy Wave 1 Booster Box

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11 cards per pack, 36 packs per box 

Visions of destruction and chaos plague the Oracles, leading to rising tensions across the island. Calls for peace are silenced as the undead sack the Halls of Ivy, leaving factions and trust in shambles. As two new factions join the fray, who knows where their loyalties lie? Wicked Prophecy, our second set release, features 150 brand new cards to expand your decks and collection! 2 brand new factions are featured with 2 new mechanics to explore. The mighty Piscean faction is packed full of tough citizens that store their doubloons to overpower their opponents with pure value, and the powerful Druac citizens wield their nature magic to defeat their foes. The set will feature hand-signed cards, serialized cards, and box toppers with a chase! All cards and variants can be found in starter decks as well, as they include 3 booster packs.