Pokemon Shining Legends Zoroark GX Box

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Slipping through the night like a master of illusions, Zoroark-GX is a wily Pokemon that's tough to pin down! In this Shining Legends Special Collection for the Pokemon Trading Card Game you'll find Zoroark-GX as a stunning, full-art promo card, plus a Zorua foil card and an oversized Zoroark-GX card. The Pokemon TCG: Shining Legends Premium Collection Zoroark Gx Box contains: a full art Zoroark-GX promo, a jumbo card featuring Zoroark-GX, a foil Zorua promofive Shining Legends booster packs, a Zoroark coin, and a PTCGO card.


Note: Sealed product is only available for US Customers as per our vendor agreement.


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