Kill Team: Annual 2023 (English)

Games Workshop

Price: $65.00


Inside this 296-page softcover book, you’ll find:

  • Full rules for 10 kill teams (including datacards, Strategic and Tactical Ploys, equipment, and complete Spec Ops rules):
    • Imperial Navy Breachers
    • Farstalker Kinbands
    • Kasrkin
    • Hierotek Circles
    • Hands of the Archon
    • Exaction Squads
    • Hearthkyn Salvagers
    • Fellgor Ravagers
    • Inquisitorial Agents
    • Chaos Cults
  • Rules for the walls and hatches of Killzone: Gallowdark, with Close Quarters rules
  • Additional terrain rules for four supplementary killzones:
    • Into the Dark
    • Shadowvaults
    • Soulshackle
    • Gallowfall
  • Nine Critical Operations missions for Gallowdark games
  • Four Shadow Operations mission packs - each including nine themed missions, for a total of 36
    • Into the Dark
    • Shadowvaults
    • Soulshackle
    • Gallowfall
  • Gallowdark Expedition campaign rules
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