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Commander 2016 - SP

Getting Heretical with Liliana in Commander

September 27, 2018

Have you ever had an idea for a deck and it didn’t really pan out? Did you give up? Keep playing the sort... Read more »


September 13, 2015

I, like many other humans, enjoy the occasional collapse of oppressive governing bodies. When those in charge continually create rules that demonstrate a lack of... Read more »

Breaking Brudiclad, Token Engineer

August 20, 2018

When I first got into Commander I started trying to brew a Trostani, Selesnya’s Voice deck. I really liked the idea of making... Read more »

Top 8 Ideas for Masters Products

March 02, 2018

(Disclaimer: I love Magic, have a lot of respect for Wizards R&D, and understand that building formats is a very tough job. The following contains... Read more »

Wallet Warriors: Rith, the Awakener

March 05, 2018

Welcome back Wallet Warriors! We’re exploring tribal synergies once again today but this time we’re going a bit deeper. This is $60 Saproling Tribal with... Read more »

General Knowledge: Regna & Krav

June 26, 2018

Some things aren’t supposed to work well together: sweet and sour, cats and dogs, and of course angels and demons. In Battlebond, the... Read more »

Wallet Warriors : The Locust God

July 06, 2017

Hey there Wallet Warriors! The Hour of Devastation is upon us and out of this terrible, painful and impossibly cruel time for the people on... Read more »

Wallet Warriors: Edgar Markov

November 13, 2017

Whenever I hear people reminisce about their early magic days it always fills me with thoughts of the color Black and, more specifically,... Read more »