5 Best Bang for Your Buck Mythics in Magic: the Gathering

Mikeal Basile
October 31, 2022

“Magictating” is defined as getting into the zone with your Magic the Gathering collection--thinking, planning, organizing, reminiscing about past games, and imagining future games. It is a combination of hard thinking about the game and calm meditation, reveling in the joy it brings you.

Magic is filled with over 20,000 unique cards. When you narrow those cards down to just the rares and the mythic rares, well you still have over 9,000 cards to consider. I'm here to point you towards the top five cards that will give you the best bang for your buck…literally. Sure you can spend $50-60 a piece on powerful mythics, but sometimes the budget mythics can get the job done just as well. Each of these five cards is not only a mythic rare, the rarest cards printed by today's standards, they are all under a buck to buy! These are some of the best Commander cards for under a dollar, and you'd be crazy not to own at least one of each of them. So, let's see what $5 can get you these days.


#1. White's Best Bang For Your Buck: Sun Titan

Sun Titan is only good in decks that want to be able to bring permanents back from the graveyard with total mana value 3 or less. That usually applies to every single deck in Commander. Sun Titan has been an amazing finisher in decks in the past, but is really known for recurring Oblivion Rings and its various clones. Having a 6/6 for six with a relevant trigger on entering the battlefield is excellent. We get to relive that moment every time we swing with Sun Titan as well. Considering how [ARISHIN COMBAT TRIGGERS DOUBLING]

Honorable mention for white: Akroma's Vengeance

Akroma's Vengeance is a card that first came out nearly 20 years ago in 2003. Many of you reading this might not be as old as this card, but thankfully you can own a piece of history for under a dollar. This card has long been a potent sweeper. The power of wiping out all the problems for a mere six mana is truly a mythical feeling. It was originally printed at rare, but that was only because mythic rares didn't exist yet. It has been reprinted in From the Vault 20, Magic's 25th Anniversary set, and in the original Commander Anthology. These big name reprint sets were designed to celebrate Magic, and what better way to celebrate a powerful card than by picking it up for a buck and wiping out your friends' board states?


#2. Red's Best Bang For Your Buck: Quakebringer

Quakebringer shuts off one of the most popular mechanics in Commander—lifegain! Not only does Quakebringer shut off your opponent's life gain, but it still allows you to gain life. Feel free to cast yourself a gigantic Brightflame, Energy Bolt, or even Alabaster's Potion. You still get to gain life, but your opponents will not be able to. Additionally, Quakebringer hits each opponent for 2 damage on your upkeep. This can open up all sorts of good opportunities with Rakdos decks or anything else that cares about how much damage you've dealt this turn to your opponents. Additionally, it also keeps that pinging effect when in the graveyard as long as you have another giant in play. That's a nice little deck-building challenge to offer yourself—hint Inferno Titan is a giant. This is a modern age mythic, and so it still has yet more to it. This card has foretell, so we get to pay two mana on a prior turn if we want, and then cast it later, from exile, for just four mana. This isn't exactly cheaper overall, but it can help you keep the Quakebringer safe from wheel effects and other random discards. Additionally, this helps out with a lot of the newer mechanics that care about casting cards from exile. This is a mythic easily worth its paltry price tag!


#3. Green's Best Bang For Your Buck: Primeval Bounty

This is a monstrous amount of text stapled to a six mana enchantment. Thankfully, it's definitely worth reading through all of it. Your opponents' faces will wilt more and more as they peruse each line of dooming text. The first ability lets you put a 3/3 beast token into play each time you cast a creature spell. This means that the creature you cast doesn't have to resolve, as when you cast it the enchantment will trigger and put a fresh 3/3 beast token into play for you. Next up you get to put three +1/+1 counters on any creature you control whenever you go casting a noncreature spell. That makes any bit of removal you play doubly punishing. Casting Undying Evil on your attacking creature that just got chumped, turns your opponent into a chump as you dump those counters on the unblocked beast token you also attacked with. Ouch! Oh, we still have another ability to unlock, and that's simply gaining three life every time a land enters the battlefield under our control. That means that those fetch lands are getting us double the triggers on this life padding. It won't take long for a green deck to ramp a few additional lands into play, and quickly put yourself out of reach and into the command seat!


#4. Black's Best Bang For Your Buck: Pact Weapon

Ok, seriously an equipment that makes you unable to die is a pretty powerful thing. Slap this onto a creature with hexproof or indestructible or both, and you're sitting pretty the entire game. Additionally, this even allows us to potentially swing in for massive damage with the creature we've equipped, as this equipment lets us draw a card whenever the equipped creature attacks and we reveal it. The creature gets pumped up by the card we draw and we lose life in equal amounts. The difference here is that our opponents still die from being at zero or less life, while we don't have that inconvenience as long as Pact Weapon is equipped. Overall, it's very hard to find that level of an effect in this game with such little monetary investment. Pact Weapon is a pact worth making.


#5. Blue's Best Bang For Your Buck: Kefnet the Mindful

Kefnet the Mindful (AKH)

Having a 5/5 flying for three mana is solidly powerful. Having it be an indestructible creature as well as a draw engine is grossly powerful. Sure, plenty of people might point out its pseudo down-side. Yet, I feel strongly that this down-side is exactly what lets this card slip under other players' radars. Kefnet can instantly draw you a card and bounce a land back to your hand. That means you can sit at five cards in hand and easily pop up to seven and block anything coming your way. When you consider just how many cards there are that offer effects like Reliquary Tower, then you start realizing how easy it is to tap out turn three for this godly mythic. Turn four you can start swinging for the fences and drawing extra cards as well. Kefnet the Mindful is seriously under-valued, but I'm not complaining—just my opponents are!

Now, we could easily have dived into the multi-color cards and the artifacts as well, but we did promise to keep it at five from the title. I know I broke the rule and offered that honorable mention to Akroma's Vengeance. I guess I could briefly mention two recently downshifted mythics that were great choices for best bang for your buck multi-color— Ashen Rider and Savageborn Hydra. Those are some seriously powerful cards to pick up for less than buck! Oh, and if you want an amazingly powerful and ridiculously game-warping mythic in multiple colors, then pick up a copy of Bruna, Light of Alabaster. I am amazed at how grossly powerful my Bruna deck truly is. If I'm ever allowed to attack, then I generally kill a player a turn…seriously. That's an inexpensive and powerful Voltron option for you. I hope you enjoyed this top five list on the best bang for your buck cards in commander. What other cards have you picked up on a budget that have outperformed those fifty or sixty dollar foils your friends were rocking? Until next time, I know that your budgets and the cards will remain ever in your favor!