Dominaria Omniscience Draft Tips

Connor Bryant
March 08, 2019

The upcoming installment of Omniscience Draft on MTG Arena will be using Dominaria. This is a big change from the more mundane Core Set 2019, which you can check out our breakdown for that set here. Dominaria's draft format was markedly different because of its long games and return to a more deckbuilding focused environment where your deck has a plan. M19 encouraged decks that were just guys and combat tricks and a few draw spells. Unleashing the insanity of Omniscience onto a more gameplan laden format guarantees for some interesting results. 

How Many Cantrips 

Well, the goal is to have all of the cantrips. The ideal deck in Omniscience draft is all cantrips and 4 Lava Axe to the do the job. While Dominaria technically has less cantrips than Core Set 2019, the Dominaria uncommon and common creatures are more powerful and can provide advantage better than their Core Set 2019 cohorts. There are the equivalent draw spells though, Sift has become Weight of Memory and Divination has become, well is still Divination. Opt and Warlord's Fury do the 1 drop cantrip thing well. Thallid Soothsayer and Urza's Tome give you some slower card advantage but work well with the extra mana you get each turn. Thallid Soothsayer can be especially potent with other Saproling makers. Blink of an Eye is a versatile removal spell or can reset powerful permanents like Sagas. 

Here's the Kicker

Unfortunately, you have to pay the kicker cost with actual mana but again, the free mana you get each turn will do the trick. That part of the format will matter more for this set than any other. It's important to keep in mind, as kicking anything more than 5 mana will be all but impossible without mana dorks or something along those lines. This only matters with Fight with Fire and Johu Vess,so don't get too excited when you see them in the pack. 

Sagas are a big deal 

Speaking of Sagas, they are messed up in this format. The Mirari Conjecture is definitely my favorite one to help fuel draw my deck and The Eldest Reborn is also powerful, especially if your opponent doesn't chain together draw spells. The Flame of Keld can also set up a big turn down the road, and Triumph of Gerrard can change a battlefield. I'd keep an eye on these permanents to abuse. 

Going Infinite

I can make up some easy infinite chains to put in your deck, and while they may not always come up, keep an eye out for them:

2 Guardian of Koilos and a Historic Payoff 


Jhoira, Weatherlight Captain, Serra Disciple, Cabal Paladin, Artificer's Assistant all do a thing with the 2 Guardians and are good cards on their own. It could be easy to backdoor into this style of comboing easily and something folks don't expect in the first hours of the format. 

Gaea's Blessing Loops

Just like multiple Guardians can do goofy things, multiple Gaea's Blessing can also but it would have to be in a deck with an incredible density of draw spells. The combo here would be looping Gaea's Blessing, a draw spell , and a burn spell like Wizard's Lightning. If your Gaea's Blessing put those back and then keep drawing cards, you'll get more and more likely to get to a 3 card deck that will kill your opponent. 

Go Battle! 

This format is now live on Arena! Let us know in the comments what cards you think overperformed or underperformed! And tell us how many times a game ended on Turn 1!