Flipside Gaming's Fundraiser for NAMI and Suicide Prevention

Connor Bryant
November 04, 2019

On November 9th and 10th, Flipside Gaming will be organizing fundraising efforts to donate to NAMI, the National Alliance for Mental Illness. This is an issue that is very important to us and we hope to serve the cause well. 

As part of our Flipside Gaming charity weekend, we will be holding a Modern Tournament on Nov. 9th in honor of Alex Stratton. Top Competitors will draft from the prize pool made up of donated items from Flipside Gaming and other pillars in the community with 100% of entry going towards NAMI. The tournament will be at 11 AM on Nov. 9th at our Clifton Park location and entry will be $25. The event will be capped at 56 players and we will be taking pre-registrations as the tournament approaches.We will be updating the prize pool as items are donated on the event page on Facebook.  We will be handing out tokens in memory of Alex with entry and on the weekend. You can check out Alex's work on the site here

In addition we'll be having events for Board Gaming, Pokemon TCG and Warhammer event at our East Greenbush location. We will have a Commander event on Sunday at our Clifton Park location. We will keep adding details as we near the events. 

We will be running in store raffles along with other events on the weekend to help contribute to the cause. If you want to personally donate prizes, contact Flipside Gaming on Facebook or emails to info@flipsidegaming.com or if you would like to donate to NAMI directly, we set up a fundraising page in Alex's honor: https://donate.nami.org/fundraiser/2418638