Innistrad Crimson Vow Prerelease Achievement Game

Ryan Normandin
November 12, 2021


Innistrad is here... again! Use this checklist to keep track of all the achievements you score during this exciting prerelease weekend! Make sure to let us know how many you got!



Win the game with Sinner’s Judgment

Mirthlessly kill yourself by upticking Sorin, the Mirthless

Play a non-match with Avabruck Caretaker//Hollowhenge Huntmaster

Have a 17/17 Cultivator Colossus

Mill yourself with Demonic Bargain.

Create some drama by putting Bride’s Gown on Anje, Maid of Dishonor.

Hit 0 lands off Cartographer’s Survey.

Show that Edgar doesn’t subscribe to traditional gender roles by placing the Bride’s Gown on him.

Trade Odric, Blood-Cursed in combat for another 3/3 with no abilities.

Assemble Ancient Lumberknot and Unhallowed Phalanx.

Bleed Dry an Alluring Suitor.

Bleed Dry an Innocent Traveler, and ask yourself: Are we the baddies?

Draw 4 off Mulch.

Tick off an old-timer by casting Mulch and saying, “Ah, they made Wrenn’s ability into a card!”

Deliver a Lunar Rejection to an Alluring Suitor.

Imprison Sigarda with Sigarda’s Imprisonment.

Snare a Geist with Geistlight Snare.

Aim for the Head to take out a Headless Rider.

Complain that Vampires will never make it in any Constructed format because Vampire Slayer exists. After all, Dinosaur Hunter is the reason Dinos don’t see play.

Exile a Chandra with a Flame-Blessed Bolt.

Use a Wolf to strike a Wolf with Wolf Strike.

Kill a monster with a Fearful Villager.

Attack with an Alluring Suitor and Markov Waltzer.

Lock out an opponent with multiple Boarded Windows.

Enchant a Spirit with its own Disturbing Aura.

Run over Wedding Security with your Honeymoon Hearse.

Wash Away a Consuming Tide.

Win the game via decking by looping your own Witness the Futures.

Fail to transform a Catapult Fodder token created by Necroduality.

Kill a planeswalker with Graf Reaver.

Kill a planeswalker with Hero’s Downfall, then laugh at it for getting killed by an uncommon.

Deal lethal by pointing a creature-damage spell at your own Ill-Tempered Loner.

Play an Ascendant Packleader, then debate whether it’s better to be a Packleader or a Pack Leader

Cast Alchemist’s Gambit with Cleave. Put two 1/1 Blue Bird creature tokens into play, and see whether the opponent points out it doesn’t do that, or if they just sigh in resignation and concede.

Go out on your own terms by shooting yourself with Voltaic Visionary.

Blow up a Spiked Ripsaw with a Sawbade Slinger.

One-shot kill an opponent with Runebound Wolf. 

Bring back Olivia with Edgar’s Awakening, then complain that this was not what you signed up for.

Make a Radiant Grace even holier by Sanctifying it… and destroying it?

Be frustrated when you try to use for a second time one of the many triggered abilities that trigger only once a turn.

Put an elderly, immortal vampire into the Cradle of Safety. They just like the cozy feeling it gives them.

Pose as a baby – put Skulking Killer into a Cradle of Safety.

Kill Blood Petal Celebrant with End the Festivities. It’s always annoying when you have to kill your dinner guests cuz they won’t leave.

Give the Gift of Fangs to a Werewolf… and kill it?

Have a Pointed Discussion that results in somebody dying.

Turn Biolume Egg, a lame Serpent, into a cool Serpent with Serpentine Ambush.

Prevent yourself from decking by looping Screaming Swarm with a sacrifice outlet.

Relive the Amonkhet glory days by Abrading a Doomed Dissenter.

Exploit a Doomed Dissenter with Skull Skaab.

Kill a Human in the midst of its Training. So sad.