Legacy Elite Event Top 8 Decklists 6/10

June 13, 2017
Grixis DelverNate Barton1st/2nd Delver of Secrets Deathrite Shaman Young pyromancer Gurmag angler True-Name Nemesis Flooded Strand Polluted Delta Misty Rainforest Scalding Tarn Volcanic Island Underground Sea Tropical Island Wasteland Lightning Bolt Brainstorm Ponder Gitaxian Probe Daze Force of Will Cabal Therapy Spell Pierce Dismember True-Name Nemesis Dread of Night Blazing Volley Pyroblast Cabal Therapy Flusterstorm Surgical Extraction Null Rod Fire Covenent Ancient Grudge Fatal Push Grim Lavamancer Baleful Strix
JundKyle Phillips1st/2nd Dark Confidant Tarmogoyf Deathrite Shaman Bloodbraid Elf Wooded Foothills Bloodstained Mire Verdant Catacombs Wasteland Grove Of The Burnwillows Taiga Bayou Badlands Swamp Forest Liliana Of The Veil Sylvan Library Kolaghans Command Maelstrom Pulse Lightning Bolt Duress Thoughtseize Hymn To Tourach Punishing Fire Abrupt Decay Duress Red Elemental Blast Choke Toxic Deluge Null Rod Pernicious Deed Surgical Extraction Sulfur Elemental Pithing Needle Relic Of Progenitus Golgari Charm
MerfolkConnor Bryant3rd Master Of The Pearl Trident Lord Of Atlantis Cursecatcher Silvergill Adept True-Name Nemesis Phantasmal Image Vendillion Clique Harbinger Of The Tides Island Cavern Of Souls Mutavault Mishra'S Factory Chalice Of The Void Aether Vial Force Of Will Umezawa's Jitte Surgical Extraction Grafdigger'S Cave Flusterstorm Dismember Umezawas Jitte Sword Of Light And Shadow Harbinger Of The Tides Tidebinder Mage Spreading Seas Echoing Truth Back To Basics
Esper StonebladeJeremy Tibbets4th Stoneforge Mystic True-Name Nemesis Baleful Strix Snapcaster Mage Tasigur, the Golden Fang Academy Ruins Tundra Underground Sea Scrubland Flooded Strand Polluted Delta Marsh Flats Island Plains Swamp Force of Will Counterspell Inquisition of Kozilek Thoughtseize Supreme Verdict Collective Brutatlity Fatal Push Swords to Plowshares Ponder Night's Whisper Brainstorm Jace, the Mind Sculptor Umezawa's Jitte Batterskull Councils Judgement Containment Priest Invasive Surgery Blue Elemental Blast Diabolic Edict Pithing Needle Gideon, Ally of Zendikar Surgical Extraction Inquisition of Kozilek Sword of Fire and Ice Engineered Plague Engineered Explosives Disenchant Toxic Deluge
UW Eldazi-BladeRion Marmulstein5th Thought-knot Seer Reality Smasher Stoneforge Mystic Island Adarkar Wastes City of Traitors Eldrazi Temple Wasteland Tundra Flooded Strand Scalding Tarn Ancient Tomb Swords to Plowshares Umezawa's Jitte Stubborn Denial Jace,the Mind Sculptor Ponder Brainstorm Daze Force of Will Batterskull Blessed Alliance Containment Priest Entreat the Angels Disenchant Jace, the Mind Sculptor Terminus Surgical Extraction All is Dust Ethersworn Canonist
UR DelverDan Sacco6th Delver Of Secrets Snapcaster Mage Grim Lavamancer Jace, Vryn's Prodigy Vendillion Clique True-Name Nemesis Wasteland Scalding Tarn Misty Rainforest Polluted Delta Flooded Strand Island Mountain Volcanic Island Brainstorm Force Of Will Daze Lightning Bolt Ponder Stifle Spell Pierce Spell Snare Vapor Snag Harsh Mentor Flusterstorm Vapor Snag Surgical Extraction Red Elemental Blast Null Rod Smash To Smithereens Sudden Demise
Jeskai StonebladeMatthew Kuhnel7th Delver Of Secrets Stoneforge Mystic True-Name Nemesis Tundra Volcanic Island Wasteland Flooded Strand Arid Mesa Polluted Delta Scalding Tarn Brainstorm Ponder Daze Force Of Will Swords To Plowshares Lightning Bolt Spell Pierce Umezawa's Jitte Batterskull Red Elemental Blast Pyroblast Disenchant Wear//Tear True-Name Nemesis Meddling Mage Flusterstorm Pithing Needle Rest In Peace Containment Priest
Turbo DepthsBrett Spinelli8th Deathrite Shaman Elvish Spirit Guide Vampire Hexmage Bojuka Bog Bayou Dark Depths Dryad Arbor Ghost Quarter Snow-Covered Swamp Snow-Covered Forest Seijiri Steppe Thespian'S Stage Urborg, Tomb Of Yawgmoth Verdant Catacombs Expedition Map Lotus Petal Pithing Needle Abrupt Decay Crop Rotation Duress Into The North Living Wish Rite Of Consumption Thoughtseize Sylvan Library Dark Depths Ghost Quarter Karakas Thespian'S Stage Dark Confidant Vampire Hexmage Krosan Grip Not Of This World Surgical Extraction Toxic Deluge

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