Top 10 Magic Critters Who Could be Pokemon

Anthony Audette
April 12, 2017

RIP, well hello there. I did not expect anyone to click on this link.  I guess I should introduce myself then. Hi, my name is Anthony. I'm a bald generally average magic player that likes to play random bad decks (and always beats Connor Bryant). Every week I will be bringing you my "Top Ten" of some sort of nature. Could be like this first one and have to do with Pokemon and Magic, could have to do with my top ten favorite soaps (rofl who uses soap amiright?). I encourage anyone to put a topic for the top ten in the comments section and I will try my best to figure out a sicko top ten! Without further ado, in the words of our famous Italian mustached man "Here we go!".

10. Simian Spirit Guide

Pretty much a Mankey, just on fire and more badass.


9. Atraxa, Praetors' Voice 

With the new games comes weird digimon pokemon and this is a Digimonpokemagicmon so why not.


8. Siege Rhino

Its a Giant rhino. Do I have to explain more?


7. Putrefax

Kinda looks like a bigger, swampier muck. Plus it poisons things so its on flavor.


6. Wingmate Roc

Poke's love birdos plus this one is using double team.


5. Thallid

Its a cute plant thing, poke's love cute plant pokemon (ex Bulbasaur).


4. Lorthos the Fresh Maker

Tentacruel 2.0, but with better breath.


3. Skithiryx Blight Dragon

Its a Giant blighted Dragon, evil Charizard???


2. Craterhoof Behemoth

Just like a Venasaur, super angry, but more smashy smashy. Also all your other friends smashy smashy too.


1. Birds of Paradise

Obvious choice, little Ho-ho. All Shiny with colors and stuff.