Top 8 Halloween Magic Cards

Connor Bryant
October 31, 2017


With the Spooky Season in full season swing, I figured lets do a count down of the Top 8 Halloween Magic the Gathering cards. Some quick honorable mentions first though; Mindstab Thrull sure is an odd little creature. I've heard of being all-legs but never all arms! Eater of the Dead is another spooky guy, but not quite Halloween themed enough. Eater of the Dead may be best friends with Phenax, God of Deception, but he ain't no friend of mine. 

8. Childhood Horror

Childhood Horror is quite the spooky dude and has the name to go with it. It isn't often that you get a very evocative Ghost picture on a Magic card and Childhood Horror does that. A solid start to the list. 


7. Headless Horseman

Headless Horseman is a reference to the famous trope obviously and while it is a bit on the nose, it is still a nice reference. It covers a classic Halloween story and that is enough to get it on here. 

6. Frankenstein's Monster

Frankenstein's Monster is of the same spooky ilk as  Headless Horseman but has a way more confusing text box and a more gruesome artwork. That puts this creep above the Headless Horseman. 

5. Black Cat

 Black Cat is one of my favorite top down designs in Magic. If the card didn't have the name and subtype, this would be a forgettable card. But add in that name and Zombie Cat, and we have one of the most memorable and spooky card in the game. 

4. Dance of the Dead

Dance of the Dead checks off all the boxes. Great name, great artwork, great card. I am pretty sure Dance of the Dead was the name of my middle school Halloween dance or the working title for the Thriller music video. 

3. Terror

Not only does Terror have two pictures that evoke a sense of Terror, it is a classic card in Magic's history. Halloween is all about evoking fear and terror, so Terror has to be towards the top of the list. 

2. Season of the Witch


Season of the Witch has so much going for it. The name sounds like another name for Halloween. The art by Jesper Myrfors looks like an autumn sunset until you see the skull. A great Halloween card and it sits at number 2. 

1. All Hallow's Eve


This is honestly an obvious number 1. All Hallow's Eve is synonymous with Halloween and the card has incredibel art by the late Christopher Rush. The card even has a pumpkin on it! Case closed, All Hallow's Eve is the most Halloween MTG card!!