Top 8 Hydras

Connor Bryant
May 08, 2017

Hydras are one of the quintessential green tribes. They are big, beefy and have a lot of heads.  Unfortunately not everyone can make the list. Hydra Broodmother and Kalonian Hydra are sweet Hydras, don't get me wrong. But the ones on the list are sweeter and have even more heads!  



Top 8 Hydras

8. Mistcutter Hydra

This guy has all of the traits of a classic Hydra, X spell in the cost and he is ready to bash. This card used to be the bane of Mono Blue devotion and is an awesome card to exist. “Cannot be countered” is one of my favorite words to appear on a card. Very solid hydra,


7. Bristling Hydra

This Hydra from Kaladesh is a cool example of the regeneration of hydras and exemplifies the energy mechanic. It is great by itself and great with other sources of energy. The art is also sick, I love the bright, cheery colors of Kaladesh with some Hydra heads devouring some prey.




6. Genesis Hydra

I am a big fan of cards that serve as an homage to another card. This dude is a Genesis Wave tribute and just like G-Wave it is a sweat to play. When you play it for a low number, you are praying to the Hydra gods to hit. When you play it for a million, you feel like a Hydra god.


5. Lifeblood Hydra 

This gem comes to us from Commander 2014. He meets all of the hydra checkpoints; lots of heads and that’s really it. It is an awesome design, albeit expensive to cast. For 5, it is solid. It is kind of a Mulldrifter.  When you cast it for 50 though, oh boy! This plus Ashnod’s Altar and a board full of things to sacrifice is a grand ol’ time.  


4. Primordial Hydra

Primordial Hydra doesn’t do anything ground breaking for the Hydra family. He just does it very well. He grows new heads, gets real large and tramples. That’s all I want out of a Hydra. Classic Hydra


3. Polukranos, World Eater

Polukranos is one of the few hydras with a proper name; good for him. Polukranos, World Eater was a Standard all-star and was the centerpiece of the RG Monsters decks. His fight ability is really powerful and Monsterous is a perfect mechanic for a Hydra. I am a big fan of Poly Eats World.


2. Rock Hydra

The OG Hydra, although no G in his casting cost. I guess Hydras were originally red, weird. This is one of the first top-down designs in the game and executes it nicely. I espescially like the rules text “ kills a head.” No wonder parents in the 90’s thought Magic would rot their kids’ brains.


1. Captain America

In one of the largest plot twists in Marvel history,  Captain America revealed that he had been a Hydra Sleeper Agent and had been trying to destroy his fellow heroes all along. Oh wait, this is an MTG article. If you are interested in finding out more about Cap and all of his Marvel cohorts, you can check out Stu Somers's comic reviews here.



1. Progenitus

Progenitus has to be #1! He is all powerful! Look at that text box! Protection from Everything!!!! You can leave him out in the rain and he will be fine; Protection from rain dude. The mana cost looks crazy and the art is even crazier. Look at how huge he is! The all-powerful Progenitus has to be number 1.

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