Wizards Announces Plans for Magic Online in 2018

Kyle Massa
February 09, 2018

Love playing Magic Online? Wizards just unveiled a plethora of good news for fans of the format.

In yesterday's official article, Chris Kiritz, Senior Product Manager for Magic Online, dropped a plethora of spicy hints at what's the come. For example, he hinted at the return of special Sealed Deck events, similar to 2017's Battle of the Planes. And for fans of randomness, Kiritz also mentioned Chaos Draft as a possible new format. (Chaos Draft is drafting from random booster packs.)

We also got a glimpse at the early 2018 timeline, starting with Ravnica Era Gauntlets next week. These Gauntlets offer players a random popular Standard deck from the past. You might recognize decks such as Zoo, Solar Flare, and Owling Mine (yes, that last one is a real deck).

Next comes a Theros Phantom Flashback draft, where players explore a Greek mythology-inspired plane known for the Heroic and Bestow mechanics. Elspeth, Sun's Champion, Master of Waves, and Thoughtseize all appear in this set. Of note: this is a phantom event, which means you won't keep any of the cards you draft.

If you love Magic Online, you've got a great few months on the horizon. Enjoy it!

Kyle Massa is a writer and avid Magic player living in upstate New York with his fiancée and their two cats. When he's not writing, you'll find him down at the East Greenbush FlipSide store jamming booster drafts. For more of Kyle's work, visit www.kyleamassa.com.

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