Searching Standard: Revavroom EX

Mike Likes
September 14, 2023

Hello and welcome to another episode of Searching Standard, where each and every week I look for new, innovative decks for you to play in Standard. This week, I'm looking at a deck that was recently featured on the YouTube channel of LittleDarkFury. It features Revavroom ex OBF 156, a Pokemon that has a pretty cool and unique Ability. Let's get started by taking a look at the deck list.

Revaroom EXLittleDarkFury Varoom 141 Revavroom 142 Squawkabilly ex 169 Revavroom ex 156 Diancie 68 Radiant Tsareena 16 Lumineon V 40 Manaphy 41 Exp. Share 174 Nest Ball 181 Professor's Research 190 Switch 194 Ultra Ball 196 Boss’s Orders 172 Choice Belt 176 Iono 185 Super Rod 188 Geeta 188 Town Store 196 Vengeful Punch 197 Forest Seal Stone 156 Collapsed Stadium 137 Metal Energy 82


Revavroom ex OBF 156's Tune-Up Ability allows it to have up to four Pokemon Tools attached to it. As you'll see a little later on, this deck includes arguably the best four Pokemon Tools currently in Standard. Revavroom ex OBF 156 also has the Wild Drift attack, dealing 170 damage and preventing Revavroom ex OBF 156 from taking 30 damage from your opponent's attack the following turn. This attack does require three Energy to use, making it a little slow, but there is a way to help mitigate this delay. There's also a single copy of Revavroom SVI 142 in this deck, which can be very useful in helping you draw additional cards with its Rumbling Engine Ability.

Since Revavroom ex OBF 156's attack requires three Energy, you'll often want to start things off by playing Diancie ASR 68 as your Active Pokemon. Her Princess's Curtain Ability prevents any effects that your opponent's Supporter cards would do to your Benched Pokemon, allowing you a safe place to start setting things up. Manaphy BRS 41's Wave Veil Ability also helps keep your Benched Pokemon safe, preventing them from taking any damage from your opponent's attacks.

The remaining Pokemon in this deck all have useful Abilities you can use during the game. Squawkabilly ex PAL 169's Squawk and Seize Ability provides you with additional cards during your first turn. Radiant Tsareena SIT 16's Elegant Heal Ability provides you with 20 points of healing each turn for every Pokemon you have in play. This allows your Pokemon to remain in the battle longer, and can make it more difficult for your opponent to determine which attacks to use to maximize their damage. Lumineon V BRS 40 has the Luminous Sign Ability, which allows you to search your deck for a Supporter card to put into your hand. As you'll see, there are a few good choices for this Ability, depending on where you're at in the game.



This batch of Trainer cards are all of the Pokemon Tools you can attach to Revavroom ex OBF 156 (or anyone else on your team). With Choice Belt PAL 176, you'll be able to deal an additional 30 damage to your opponent's Active Pokemon V. By attaching Vengeful Punch OBF 197, you can deter your opponent from attacking your Pokemon, because it will take damage if your Pokemon is Knocked Out. Exp. Share SVI 174 helps the Pokemon it is attached to reuse a Basic Energy from a Pokemon that gets Knocked Out. Finally, Forest Seal Stone SIT 156 provides a VSTAR Power that can be used to search your deck for any one card to put into your hand. Remember that you can attach multiple copies of the same Pokemon Tool to Revavroom ex OBF 156, and those abilities will stack.

Geeta OBF 188 is a great Supporter that can help you power up Revavroom ex OBF 156 very quickly. She allows you to search your deck for up to two Basic Energy cards to attach to one of your Pokemon. The drawback to this is that you won't be able to attack this turn. Sometimes a small sacrifice like this amounts to the difference between a win and a loss.


Nearly every Standard deck includes these two cards to help you find the Pokemon you need. Nest Ball SVI 181 can only be used to find a Basic pokemon, while Ultra Ball SVI 196 can find any Pokemon, regardless of its Stage or Evolution.


For sheer card drawing volume, you'll be hard pressed to find a better Supporter than Professor's Research SVI 190. Drawing a new hand of seven cards is usually worth the cost of needing to discard your current hand. Town Store OBF 196 allows you to search your deck for a Pokemon Tool to put into your hand. Your opponent will also get this benefit, but they're probably not able to attach more than one Pokemon Tool to each of their Pokemon, so you're likely to benefit from this Stadium more than they are. Iono PAL 185 is seen in most decks. She acts as both a way to reset your own hand, and a way to reset your opponent's. If your opponent has taken most of their Prize cards, playing Iono PAL 185 can severely limit their options and slow down their momentum.


If you find yourself in a position where Revavroom ex OBF 156 is in your Active Spot and has taken a lot of damage, you might want to move it back to your Bench where it can heal up. By playing Switch SVI 194, you can move it without having to discard any Energy to pay its Retreat Cost. This deck also includes a pair of Boss’s Orders PAL 172. Playing this Supporter allows you to choose any of your opponent's Benched Pokemon to move to their Active Spot, allowing you to score an easy Knock Out.


There's one copy of Super Rod PAL 188 in this deck, which can be used to shuffle back up to three cards, as long as those cards are either Pokemon or Basic Energy cards. This can be a great way to reuse something you've already benefited from in the past. The final card in the deck is Collapsed Stadium BRS 137, which is generally just a card that you'll play to remove your opponent's Stadium while also hindering them a bit. Against certain decks, it will be more effective, but it's generally one of the less important cards in this deck.

Wrapping Up

While Revavroom ex OBF 156 has a unique and interesting Ability, this deck might be a little too slow for today's current Standard environment. I plan on revisiting Revavroom ex OBF 156 in the not too distant future, once more Pokemon Tools have been released. If you're looking for a deck that's off the beaten path and can be a blast to play, give this one a shot. You might not win every match, but you will have fun bending the rules with Revavroom ex OBF 156's Tune-Up Ability.

What do you think of this deck? Do you have any suggestions for improvements? Let me know by leaving a comment below. And be sure to join me here again next week as I continue my search for innovative decks in the Pokemon TCG. I'll see you then!

- Mike Likes